IT MAY NOT BE YOU BUT YOUR CHILD who contributes something wonderful to this world. I wrote the following Monday Morning thought after seeing a charm which instantly reminded me of my pet name my parents gave me. It is the effect of that pet name and memory that put the focus on this blog message on how much influence parents and other loved ones can make on a child. I happen to have an amazing daughter who from birth has been assured that I feel she is making a great mark on this earth and how proud she makes me and her dad.

Monday Morning Thought: I saw a charm advertised that reads, “As long as I Breathe, My Baby You will Be.” It stopped and reminded me of my Mom and Dad calling me baby. My great aunt Mamie Cobb would say to Mom when I would have gone by to visit that the baby had come. For all of you who know me and how feisty I can be, that seemed like a title undeserved, but to them, Baby I was. This was an endearment and how I would love to be called Baby by any of those loved ones one more time. This brings me to my thought……Parents and other loved ones have such an impression on how we perceive life; how we respect others; how we express and feel love; and how we think of ourselves. We have to watch how and what we say to our young people and offer positive and loving assertion as well as being good examples for them. BTW, I catch myself and don’t see any reason to change it when I call my daughter who is so smart and creative and a treasure to me, Baby!


I found a great article (link to entire article by clicking on the following title) that gives some wonderful suggestions for parents to nurture positivity in their children.

Core Communication Principles that Nurture Positivity


Adults play a big role in how children perceive and respond to negativity. When communicating with children, research shows that by slowing down your speech you will produce calm feelings, particularly with children who may feel anxious or angry. Speaking slowly also deepens people’s connections, allowing them to better understand each another.


Say “yes” whenever possible. If you can’t say “yes,” reframe your response to invite positive conversation. For example, if Susie asks to extend her curfew until 3AM, you might be tempted to say, “Absolutely not!” But instead of a quick, negative response, try asking a question to invite conversation on the topic. You might ask Susie, “If you were the mother, what would convince you to allow your daughter to be out that late?” You may or may not end up changing your mind, but you will engage Susie in meaningful conversation that will help her understand your decision-making process. And you’ll spare Susie’s brain and your own from some stress-producing hormones!


Yelling and arguing produces harmful chemicals in the brain. If you feel frustrated with your child, take a deep breath and try to relax before engaging in conversation. Good eye contact and a warm tone in your voice send positive signals to the brain. Words and delivery are equally important when parents are engaged in conversations in front of children.

And, of course, one of the best ways to encourage our kids to become positive thinkers is by modeling it ourselves. So try to find the cup half full and the silver in the lining. Be on the lookout for the bright side – and any other positive phrase you can think of! Your kids will do the same.

We are given to our parents and the cycle of molding and encouraging good behavior begins. When we are blessed to have children, we can provide love, nurturing, structuring, and encouragement as well as controlled discipline. Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the Fullest by Positive thoughts and actions.

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