MATERIALISTIC? RUINING THE WORLD one person at a time. I chose this particular topic because of observing how so many decisions are being made with monetary intentions without encompassing the entire effect on others. I want to refer to a common statement that years ago people dreaming of winning the lottery would make, “If I ever win the lottery, I will take care of my family.” Do you remember years ago, people made that statement many times? Have you thought about the non-existence of this statement in the last couple of years? There are exceptions but they are becoming rare entities. I use this as one example but there are many areas where people are becoming more materialistic and less-caring for others. If this topic doesn’t apply to you personally, it may help you understand others. Let me elaborate on this subject.

It is rare to see children sharing toys and I wondered why this is happening. I heard a song on the radio and it was touching but it hit home on this very subject. The song is the one in the video:


Our children are watching us and they pick up what we say, how we react and what we value and treat others. Listen to this song and how it hits the nail on the head. I remember how our parents shared their rakes, shovels, hoses, food, and anything else they could for our neighbors, friends, and especially family. If we had more than we needed, we found out who could use the food or anything else. I know some of you are nodding as that was our way of life. Once we realize that it was our blessing to have the abundance and the ability to share, we find out what seems to be missing in our world today. I have some friends who I see practicing those sharing qualities and it makes them glow in all of our eyes. Am I right? Do you have some people who possess giving and sharing qualities and you smile when you see something posted about come and get some of this and some of that? I know I do. ¬†Sharing with others is probably more attractive than any business degree or even being famous. For all of us that are old enough to remember, let me see if you can answer this question about a famous singer….Who would stop in fields or at houses and give the owner a brand new cadillac and did this many times over? Oh yes, we remember this star not only as the King of Rock and Roll; his charitable heart was admired as much as his music.

Let me get our minds working with some questions as to why being materialistic can be dangerous to us personally and as a society:

  • When you found yourself in difficult times, who were the most likely people to help you?
  • When you gave to someone who was going through difficult times, how did you feel?
  • If you lost everything today, could you start all over or would you sink into depression about the materialistic possessions you lost?
  • If you were the victim of a fire in which you lost everything but everyone got out safely, would you feel blessed or forsaken?
  • Would you rather rescue a pet or buy one?
  • If you chose to argue and fight if a loved one died over materialistic possessions and it caused a life long separation between you and your family, would it be okay with you?
  • If your employer did not give you a raise you felt you deserved, not because they didn’t want to give it to you but because of economic decisions, would you hold this against your employer or be thankful you had your job?

This is a sample of ways to consider the value of life instead of monetary focus. Many of us have started over, had relationships to fail, had to change direction and focus in our lives. When decisions are made solely about money; love takes a back seat. My philosophy is Love should always be in the driver’s seat and put all of any disagreements or differences in the trunk and shut the lid. LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY GIVING AND LOVING UNTIL IT HURTS.

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