RULES TO RULE YOUR LIFE will seem a little strange for this lively spirited writer but I do have rules for myself. I am not posting to say this is how you should live. These are my rules and what I suggest is for each of you to make your personal list of rules with your priorities in mind. It is amazing to see how each of us find different items to focus our energy. I have also included a couple of sample lists from a variety of minds.


Monday Rules for Ruling Your Life:
1) Be in charge of the parts of your life you can control and accept the uncontrollable.
2) Believe you can do whatever you set your mind to do.
3) Do not see or hear No. Think what you are going to change the No into a Yes.
4) Do not listen to negative people. Constructive advice is always good but never is there a need to degrade another even if you disagree with everything they believe.
5) Work, work, work and never feel you are entitled to success. Success is an opportunity not a given.
6) Promise only what you can deliver. Deliver on what you promise.
7) Do not be swayed by jealous people. Do not push your success down their throats either. Their ship may be around the bay.
8) Truly successful people are not envious and should keep humility as their most coveted traits.
9) If you try and fail, remember if you continue to try to win, you are not failing you are still trying.
10) Always remember the people who supported you while you were not successful. They should be rewarded when success comes. Help others as it is always Pay it Forward.
(Arline Miller, author 2017 with side note: My personal first commitment is to give thanks to God for all faith, gifts, & blessings)



How do you decide what is top priority? One of the first consideration is the question “What creates the most passion and/or emotion in your life?”

Another question “What would cause you to argue and disagree with someone?”


Have fun making your rules and ruling your life as your life is your own and no one else’s!

Until we read again…..Arline Miller, blogger and author

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