Yard Sale, but I need my Yard!

This is a short blog post since I am in high gear to get everything ready for our Community Yard Sale and I really think we should rename this event to Maybe not Junk, Maybe Treasure Hunt! All I realize is getting ready is a lot of work but such a great feeling as those “esteemed possessions” go out the door. What was I thinking or was I not thinking? There is no need to have so many clothes I will never wear and it doesn’t seem possible for either of us, Greg or me, to get back into those slimmer clothes. The styles will have changed by the time, if ever, we do lose enough weight.

I found it interesting the items I could not part with and are still hanging in my closet. My wedding dress to Greg (not the one I had for the first and second wedding) has to be treasured so it is bagged and preserved. My original wedding gown was restored and worn by Missy and I see the pictures of her Daddy walking her up to the mesa meadows and her in the gown I wore when I married him and it was nostalgic. Okay, so that was worth saving even though the marriage couldn’t survive.

I have the dress I wore when I met Greg and I realized I have changed my style somewhat in all of those 17 years. I saved it to remember how styles may change, hairstyles and color may change, and I will admit it, weight changes. I want to remember that same feeling of love I instantly felt when I met him and still feel it when he walks into the room. Some items and certainly feelings should be kept and treasured.

Now that the dust has settled and I am down to the kitchen and utensils. I have given this some thought and I see that hard and cold utensils last a long time. It brought me to the fact we need to realize that hard feelings toward another are hard to soften and it is better to have a softer touch with people as grudges and hard feelings last a long time if you don’t cull them as soon as possible. Love, though soft, should be the long lasting tough feeling we go through life.

This gal has cleaned, dusted and thrown away a lot of materialistic “maybe junk, maybe treasure” and I came to the conclusion I wanted to share with all of you. Here it is:

In the closet of life, we accumulate a lot of collectives. We bring into our racks, friendships, accomplishment trophies and items to remember our failures. We assemble these items in what we consider our priority possessions. We go through them and use them periodically. What we fail to remember are certain items we have placed in corners of our life closet and their beauty may fade due to the collection of dust and negligence. Once in a while it pays each of us to go through our closet, take a neglected family member, friend, or neighbor out and dust them off. While we are doing this task, love will shine it and we can remember why we treasured it to begin with. Here is also a good tip, we place the frivolous item in our lives and it serves no valuable use and for some reason, it is a hard thing to let go. We keep re-hanging it in front of those wonderful items we have neglected and those frivolous non useful distractions keep us away from what is truly valuable. Time to have a Yard Sale or as I said “Maybe Not Junk, Maybe Treasure Hunt” and restore what is worthwhile in our lives. 


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