CAN WE HAVE A YARD SALE OF LIFE? This past weekend presented a lot of opportunity to reflect on life and you might ask Why? My husband and I started about two weeks prior to this even going through closets and our attic to preserve AND eliminate items from our mass amount of collections. We joked and laughed about hoarding (not making light of this human disorder as we know it is a serious condition).

As we cleaned, culled and stored items we wanted to keep, it became clear to us, we weren’t as “pure and clean” in our housekeeping and the journey took a clear turn for us. We began to cull more and save less and not to produce any money from the sale. It turned into a cleansing of our home from those items never used and/or forgotten. By going through all of the boxes and bags, we re-discovered many items we had forgotten their location and put them in a more predominant place which would allow us to use them. We found items we should have never purchased as they might have sounded like they were valuable only to find out they were worthless to us and were taking up space in our home.

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Then came the day of the sale and we were astonished at the items that we had discarded being very desirable by others. Items we thought others would “fight” over were there when the sale was finished. This process brought a thought to my mind. None of us see the same value or priority as others. We decide, only us, what is important and what is “junk” so we have to make decisions based on individual importance and not the “main stream” philosophies of others.

Once the sale had ended, my husband and our handyman loaded up the rest of “our closely held” treasures to donate to the Salvation Army, I took a nap since all of the cleaning and selling with some new memories of the funny things that happen during a yard sale (which will be a later post to keep this message intact). When I heard Greg return, I looked in the garage and I had an epiphany. A yard sale is needed in our lives. Let me explain:

People would come into our home and would always make remarks about how clean our home was and how they didn’t understand how we work and keep it organized. Most guests don’t go into a home and plunder (with exceptions and that will be another blog). The reason for the misplaced compliments is ¬†they never saw the closet, cabinet, attic, and drawer clutter. That thought reminded me of how we present ourselves to others.

We have an outer shell or in other words “our clean houses” and hide so many things in corners, closets or other places we can hide our clutter in our souls. Once we start opening our hearts or “CLOSETS OF SPIRIT” and clean out the mess hidden such as old grudges, what we consider impossible to forgive acts, prejudices, hate of any kind, etc., the heart becomes more acceptable and has room for the pretty things in life: Love, Compassion, Kindness, Charity, Sympathy and Empathy, Forgiveness, and importantly, Faith with Thankfulness. I have decided the next cleaning out is in our inner self…our souls.

To sum it up, I walk into our closet and I see things clearly. I open drawers and I find peace without all of the confusion of tossing things around to find what I am looking for in the drawer. I can insert items easily once I have rid myself of the clutter which was discarded and now out of the way. May my soul become as organized as this closet.

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I live my life by observing, meditating, and applying common sense life lessons. I don’t have a Master’s Degree but I do have a degree from Our Master to live life with love; love life with love; and to live life to the fullest by listening to the small, quiet voice coming from the Universe’s Most Elite College, God’s Universal University!

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