TODAY THE WORDS are WHY SHOULD I?  No, I am not getting on a soap box for any particular issue, “why should I?” Gotcha on that one, didn’t I ? What I am going to ask you and myself this morning is “why shouldn’t I?” In this life, we are blessed with so many things and no matter your faith unless you are an Atheist, you know that a higher power exists who gives you these blessings.

What do we have to do to receive blessings, you might ask? I feel, and you may feel differently, we are blessed by God for many reasons. Some are blessings that God gives to all of us, such as the beauty of the earth, the warmth of the sun, the waters, the soil, etc. Some are blessings we may not fully understand why some of us are born to parents of common wealth, while others are born to wealthy parents with that “silver spoon”. Some of us are born healthy while others have to struggle coming into this world and the struggling continues during their sometimes short lives. Others are taken out of this life early by either fatal health conditions while others are taken by tragedy. Now, starts the questioning, Why should I? People of all cultures, walks of life, wealth, health, have someone they have lost and that certainly doesn’t seem like a blessing and one starts to wonder why should I try, why should I accomplish anything, or why should I overcome my loss?

If all went well, and blessings were not taken away sometimes, would we appreciate all of the good things as much?

Now for my deeper thought…..Let me give you my take on this, which are my thoughts entirely, but when rain has fallen for days or weeks and the Sun has been behind the clouds; our spirits become more subdued. We have a tendency to forget our pleas for much needed rain and wonder when the Sun is going to shine. How soon we forgot to continue to praise Him for giving us the rain? The Sun finally peeps out from behind the clouds and we thank God for the Sun. Do we continue to thank God for all things, the rain and the Sun? Our health is good and then something changes, and we have to go through a sickness. God blesses us to recover and we thank Him. But “why should I” continue to thank God afterwards? And I say, “Why shouldn’t I?” To all of us, we should thank God and praise God for every little thing as it is important in the long term life, for us to be conscious of every breath, every accomplishment, every stride, every recovery, every avoidance of tragedy. God listens to our prayers and within those prayers of asking for His mighty blessings or His Eternal Grace, “Why Shouldn’t God hear Thank You for Your Blessings on Me and Others?” I SHOULD!

Ezekiel 34:26  King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

 And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.

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