LIFE IS AN “I LOVE LUCY” EPISODE.  Some of my readers may not be familiar with I LOVE LUCY but some of us were exposed to the funny Lucille Ball as kids. We watched episodes of this zany comedienne and her side kick Ethel . What many may not know is life can create Lucy episodes on its own. Recently, my husband and I took a short vacation and were privileged to  stay in the cutest bungalow with an I LOVE LUCY theme with so much personality. The photos in this blog are taken from the bungalow. What I wasn’t aware of the background story which created this creation.

As a writer, I have an insatiable appetite of curiosity and in complimenting her collection, I found out the interesting relationship Lucy had played in our hostess’s life. She recounted how her Mother loved to watch this show and she grew to love the episodes as well. I related to her rendition as it was similar in our household. We shared some laughter about the different and most popular episodes and the moments of relief of life’s normal days by her comedic insanity. There was not too much Lucy would not try and Ethel was by her side throughout each hilarious adventure.  What my hostess shared with me was they began to have Lucy episodes in their lives. Each trip or task mimicked the same funny antics. She shared a shopping trip for an apartment size refrigerator for her camper. They got the refrigerator in the cart. The cart started to roll and here the race started with them trying to catch the runaway cart. It ended up on the other end of the aisle after many zany attempts to stop it. While she told her Lucy and Ethel moment, I could see they had shared many laughs telling this story or “episode” throughout the years. From this mutual love and memorable times, she began to gift her Mother  some Lucy paraphernalia and  the collection grew.  As she shared her love for the collection which she has reason to be proud of both the items and the memories, I thought of the zany times in my life and while shared with my sister and my friends who worked with me, I realized my “Lucy” moments myself.

I found a great video of Lucille Ball’s mini biography and the link is below:

Lucille Ball biography

Lucille Ball – Mini Biography https://www.biography.com/videos/lucille-ball-mini-biography-41961298



One of America’s most beloved comedians, Lucille Ball is particularly known for her iconic television show ‘I Love Lucy.’

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