LET IT BE; LET ME BE ME! I woke up this morning and realized a compelling thought. I don’t want to be compared as much as I want to be free to be me. I may never be recognized as a great writer, but I love to write. I may never see fame or fortune but I am famous as Nana with a fan base you wouldn’t believe. It is comprised of eight beautiful grandchildren and one hug from any one of them is better than a Pulitzer prize any day. I chose to write a little thought on Facebook and felt I would share it on the blog. Individualism is extremely crucial to our self worth but is as crucial in our society allowing LET ME BE ME!

Be true to yourself

Friday Morning Thought: If I concentrate on being the best I can be with all of my flaws, I will not have time to be in anyone else’s business. One thing I observe is sometimes we get busy trying to fix others, we lose sight of our individual goals and personal growth. What I think is right might not be what feels right for someone else and vice versa. Let me give an example: I love beautiful horses and my husband was a great horseman but I can assure you I am not comfortable on a horse, never was and never would be but I love how much he loves riding. This is open minded thinking but understanding what we can and are willing to do. I write books and many people have expressed how much they love to read my books. When I have asked them if they would like to write, it is obviously responded with a NO. In other words: Some ride and some don’t; Some write and some don’t. This world would be a better and more compatible place if we recognize just because we love to participate in certain actions and/or events; others may want to do differently. Live and let live doesn’t mean that what others do is something you would do; it means freedom for each person to live their life the way they choose. LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LOVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY LIVING IT TO THE FULLEST….Arline Miller, Author









I found a great article which gives us 5 reasons why individuality is important.

5 Reasons Your Individuality Is Important

Many people get bullied or harassed in life because of their unique traits or qualities. But the fact is that the only people who bully these individuals are non-unique people! Other people who have some individuality in them, and let it loose, know what those confused and sad clones don’t know. Uniqueness is important to our society and our world.

Here are 5 reasons why your individuality is important.

1. You Contribute Great Ideas To The World.

When you are unique you can think outside of the box. Limiting beliefs are not always there to hold you back from coming up with new ideas or seeing things in a new light. Many of these new ideas can help this world and the people who are in it. Creating a better life for everyone is left to people who think outside of the box.

2. You Are Not Influenced By Other People’s Fears.

Many people will hold back from attempting something because of other people’s fears. They are told by someone else that they can’t do it or wouldn’t be able to do it and they don’t even try because of that fact.

People with their own minds tend to think for themselves. They decide whether they want to go for something they want and whether the risks outweigh the benefits. And most of the time they go for it! They achieve and do more with their lives than their cookie cutter peers.

3. You Lead The Way For Others.

Because you are more open-minded and willing to learn and try new things, you clear the path for people who have to see what will happen first before they try anything. You also clear the way for those people who have to follow the latest belief in order to feel part of this world. Every trend, fad, and present belief, was started by one unique individual who led the way.

4. You Life Live With More Joy.

People who pride themselves on being their own individual also are more aware of what makes them happy and take more pleasure in those things. They know what makes them happy and they go for it!

Many people who believe that their pleasures are wishful thinking or not plausible because of other people beliefs do not attempt to find their pleasure, but instead live a life of acceptable behavior and normality. In other words, they want to paint the scenery they see and they know it would give them pleasure, but because other people would judge them or make fun of them for painting they just don’t even bother.

5. You Inspire People Like You to Live Their Lives More Passionately.

Many people are scared to break out of their shells with their own individuality. They don’t see anyone around them like themselves and don’t want to risk the judgement from the peers. But many people are inspired to do so when they see the freedom that your uniqueness gives you. You allow people to break free from their pretend self and live their life out with the joy of being their individual selves.

As you can see, being an individual is not only important to your own well-being but leads the way for others to be happy as well. So be who you are meant to be and live with no regrets. You will thank yourself later in life and you will feel better about yourself now.





Find ways to be yourself and allow the same privilege to others. Think of how many wonderful and talented people there would be if we LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LOVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

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