RESCUERS MAY BE THE RESCUED. Recently, I saw a post on Facebook about a little dog huddling by a dumpster at a business located on one of the busiest highways in our town. I immediately thought of that four lane, late afternoon with everyone getting off work and in a hurry to get home, highway being so dangerous. I thought of the night coming on with all of the dangers and risks for a small dog and asked my husband to go get the dog and then we would see about locating the owners. He took a look at the posted picture and went out the door, no questions asked. This started our Duchess adventure.

Duchess hugging me

Upon Duchess’s arrival, she was pitifully skinny, already had become a mother at some point but not recently, and scared to the point of shaking. Even our other rescued dog, Buster who is now 4 years old, recognized her fear and didn’t do his usual security alert by barking his head off. She clung to me and allowed Greg to put a collar on her with our info just in case she tried to bolt but this little princess was too exhausted and was only interested in eating and drinking water and laying down. I think the tears came when she laid down beside me and hugged my arm. She seemed to be thanking us for rescuing her. For the next two days while we did the usual checks for the owner, she slept and ate and slept some more. Buster was confused but somehow he was different with her and accepted her better than other dogs. He knew this was going to be special or maybe it was just Duchess being so magnetic.


We observed those two sniffing each other out, a little territorial spat or two, following each other, eyes and ears alert, and then it happened. Duchess regained her weight and strength and began showing her fun side romping and stomping with enticing I want to play moves and Buster gave in. They began to chase each other out in the yard and at first Buster who wasn’t used to that much activity was being outdone by her highness. He looked exhausted at first but as the days have gone by, he is revving up his skills and it is on, let me tell you, it is on at our home. Each day they romp, nip playfully, and even Duchess will grab Buster’s tail and hold on while he tries to turn around to stop her. They flip, they turn, they jump up and get down, they go out the doggie door and around the yard, and back in. This goes on for at least an hour or more every day and the funny part is it has been therapeutic for both of them. Duchess feels she has a home since she had to have been on the streets since it took a good nail clipping, several days of hydrating, feeding and several flea baths to get this gal back to good health. A good check out with vet, spaying her, and now chipped and she is now on the road to her royal standing. The reason I named her Duchess is because Greg said she was a Princess and since at least one time she had puppies or was pregnant, I said she had to be a Duchess .

Buster 2

The best part is about Buster. As I said in the beginning, RESCUED MAY BE THE RESCUERS has to do with Buster. We rescued Buster as a three pound little ball of flea covered fur with scabs. Buster who is a Papillon mix and a very different personality. He is so lovable to Greg and me but is hesitant to be social with others or at least that was before Duchess. Somehow her silliness, goofiness, and playfulness has brought out a different side of Buster. As we are in the process of moving within the next month, there have been several people coming in and out of the home for the sale and the planning of moves, etc. I have watched him and Duchess, protective of us first with their usual security barks but showing curiosity and not being skittish. They team together as a pack and watch each other’s back. When Buster or Duchess are outside and hear the other one start barking, each one will go to the rescue.

Click on this video link and you will see them at play:

Buster and Duchess at play

I tell the story of Duchess and Buster to encourage all of you to rescue animals, dogs and cats. The life you save is a blessing not only to the scared rescue but an enhancement to your existing life. We have rescued several dogs over the years. They were showered with love and devotion all of the days we were blessed before they went to the Rainbow Bridge. We knew Buster’s story of neglect. We knew the emotional tug of Whiskers, our Schnauzer Terrier Mix who will never leave our hearts. His is a story for another blog day but oh what a dog. Then sweet Bandit, my Yorkie writing partner, who was content to be Mommy’s doggie and lay beside me while I wrote the blog for several years and my first novel. It tugs at my heart now that Duchess finds that special spot next to my hip when I write.  Rescue, rescue, rescue! It is the most rewarding and emotional blessing when they hug or lick to say Thank YOU and I will love you forever.

Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the Fullest by rescuing! 


Our Tribute to Our Loved Rescues, Bandit (otherwise know as the Bandiman) and Whiskers, the famous Wikki. May you romp and stomp at the Rainbow Bridge. You made our lives happy and we thank you and will love you both forever.

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