Don’t Hate Me; Love Me

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Since I am still in moving mode and am not able to write long posts, I thought my post on Facebook would hopefully inspire all of us to be more accepting and understanding to our fellow humans. Please think about the bigger picture. I wrote this as an American but the philosophy that love conquers all is universal. Please read older posts on the blog until I can get settled in our new home.

Love until it hurts

Sunday Morning Thought: As I watch the violence and uproar pitting one American against another American, this writing came to me. All of it will not apply to all of us but give some thought about how we are allowing hate to push love out of our world.

Love Me; Don’t Hate Me

Don’t hate me because I choose to speak out; love my passion.
Don’t hate me because I don’t speak out; love my self control.
Don’t hate me because of my skin color; love me because I am a human being.
Don’t hate me because of my gender; love my ability to do my part to enhance the world.
Don’t hate me because I am not rich or poor; love me for making the most out of my life.
Don’t hate me for having a strong faith in my life; love me for having faith in you as a person.
Don’t hate me for any physical beauty or even the lack of; love me for my inner self.
Don’t hate me for being Southern or Northern, West Coast or East Coast; love me for wanting to live in this great country.
Don’t hate me for what I eat or don’t eat; love me for being myself and allowing you the same.
Don’t hate me for whatever political party I choose; love me for having the freedom to choose.
Don’t hate me for respecting others; love me for respecting you.
Don’t hate me when I am right about an issue; love my ability to admit when I am wrong.
Don’t hate me for what I choose for a career; love me for doing jobs you wouldn’t do.
Don’t hate me for any flaws I have; love me for accepting those flaws in me and others.
Don’t hate me for any reason; love me as love conquers all hate in the world.

In other words, let us love each other for our differences united by compassion, understanding, tolerance, and justice. Until We Love Again…….Arline Miller

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Side note: I found it ironic when I searched for Guide to Accepting Love on Google that all I saw were negative articles without one of the articles from being positive assertion of love. What a world we live in and I add the lyric from a song “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Songwriter(s)‎: ‎Hal David‎, ‎Burt Bacharach
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