A DAY LILY NAMED DETERMINATION will be a short post but one with a deep meaning. I hope you enjoy it and that you see a deep message for everyone.

We moved a couple of weeks ago from a home we loved and had lived in it 11 years. Greg, my husband had worked along with his helper Robert to keep it immaculate and beautiful. I hesitated at the thought of leaving so many hours of tender loving care along with a bunch of sweat and blistered hands. People would stop and stare when the day lilies hit their peak and we posted hundreds of photos over the years. Most of the day lilies and some special lilies had been given to us from my Mom who was a terrific gardener with beautiful roses, amaryllis, etc but her love were her day lilies. She loved giving anyone who visited her the “tour” and I was impressed she remembered their names. Mom passed away in 2010 and it became even more important to keep her day lily spirit alive.

As we sold our home very fast and had found one to buy in my husband’s home town, it became frantic to get everything packed and ready for the movers AND to schedule digging up those special day lilies. No, we didn’t take all of them but we split the plants and then cut the tops off and placed in a tub that we could get water to the roots.

It took two weeks before my husband found some help to actually create a new day lily bed in the front yard and then plant the plants. It was amazing to see they were green and seemed anxious to take their spot to show off next season. We had no hope of them blooming again since they had bloomed for a long time in May and even June.

To the point and focus of this blog message and DETERMINATION showing up. Greg came in the home yesterday and said “Look at this!” and held his phone camera up so I could see the photo. To my surprise, there was a day lily bloom in our new bed. I almost cried but said to Greg, “That’s determination if I have ever seen it. It has been chopped, separated, dug up, transported and stored for two weeks and then it shows out by blooming within a week of being put into our new yard. Determination, that is the best name for it.”

First Daylily at 118 Ansley Determination
This is our first day lily at our home in Tifton and I want to rename it Determination.

I realized the meaning of determination by this little delicate day lily who refused to lay still even after all of the struggle of being displaced and living for a while in a dark space. In life itself, what if we exercised that much discipline and determination when things got rough? Let’s see; Chopped…at some point in our lives, we are disconnected or chopped from family or friends; later jobs; Separated by relationships, distance, death, etc. and the feeling has to be loneliness; Dug Up and relocated by circumstances out of our control; Transported into a new environment even if is due to a happy occurrence like marriage or moving back home; Stored Away or as I say, forgotten by old friends and relatives as their lives or yours gets too busy to schedule a time to see each other or even call. Replanted¬†into a new life, new surroundings, new challenges and sometime a new home can cause an adjustment period and it can take time to feel at home and start a new growth and good seasons.


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