LITTLE THINGS: LIFE’S BIGGEST GIFTS is the focus of this blog post. In this “give me” world and materialistic environment, it astonishes me how we react to the smallest gestures. It is the little things, a kind gesture, a homemade gift of love and/or time, an exchange of something we have owned to someone we know will love and cherish it too…all of these seemingly small gifts make the best and biggest gift in life.

Huffer Haven 1

A good friend of mine and I smile when I say that since I haven’t met her in person but have gotten to know her on Facebook and we share a common love of communicating with others in honesty and frankness but thrown in a pot of love. It is a great gift to see a post of her amused at some of her adventures, their dances in the house, and she has a great gift of laughing with herself and like me, at herself. She and her husband have taken several years to remodel a home in the country they call Huffer Haven and all of us watch her posts to see what they are up to and who comes to sit on the porch and visit. They share spiritual and book discussions and just plain ole chit chat. I haven’t been there but it has to be a great place of peace and friendship. By her sharing her home life, it gives us the feel we are there with them feeling the breeze, kicking up our heels on one of the tables, and watching great scenes given by God. I want to give a shout out to Donna and Greg Childre on their 40th anniversary and who chose to spend it at Huffer Haven.

I also want to share a personal story about a gold ring I wore for years. My niece Pam had admired that ring for years and joked about (she was serious too) me leaving that ring to her when I died. One day, I looked down at that ring and thought why should I wait and never see the expression and happiness that ring would bring to her. I took the ring off and had it polished. I found a ring box and called and told my sister to tell Pam I wanted to come visit with her. We went out to her house and in the middle of the visit, I pulled out the box and before she opened she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, is it my ring?” I told her about my thought and I had my joy to see her so excited and believe me she wears that ring on special occasions and always lets me know she has it on. A note to others: If you want to see how much joy and happiness a gift that you might be counting on to give after you are gone; don’t cheat yourself and actually give it now. It will be well worth it.


Let’s take a minute and think back over your life and you will remember the small gifts of kindness and love you have received and hopefully given to others. Think of the times when you were going through a difficult time and someone stepped up and gave you a gift of money that was so desperately needed, that you cried. What about the time when you were upset and a stranger listened to your problem and understood what you were feeling. What about the time when someone made a certain dish knowing that it was your favorite for no occasion? What about that kind word when you were a child and someone complimented something you did for someone else and you felt pride in your efforts?

Now for the deeper thought…….While it is good to receive those little gifts that mean the most, it is even more rewarding to give those little gifts to others. My Mother said to me one time, “You love to give and that is one of the beautiful things about you.” That was a gift in itself for my Mom to recognize my love of giving. She was right and it is still a BIG thing for me to spoil others and it is not for any reward for me but a sign of love from me to others. It is a blessing to give encouragement and positive assertion that everything is going to be okay. I leave you with this thought….Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the Fullest by giving of yourself, give a gift even if it seems small as it might be the biggest gift that the receiver has ever gotten in life.

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