potTOO MANY COOKS CAUSE BOILING POTS?  Since tomorrow is time for a family reunion and I have cooking on my mind as well as Greg smoking his popular hams, this topic came to mind about 5 am this morning. I thought I would share a thought and maybe you can relate it to other phases of life other than cooking.

As most of us learned to cook from others,  we have probably experienced what I refer to as too many cooks can cause a pot to boil over. Let me share this probability. When I was learning how to make dressing for Thanksgiving and I had one of the best cooks teaching me, I was placed in charge of dicing the onions. Now, who would have thought it would be a big ordeal to chop some onions. I found out differently as my MIL has a specific way and size to those onion pieces. I felt inapt in my chopping skills; I felt like a failure in the art of making dressing. I moved on to the boiled eggs and that feeling of not being able to construct this masterpiece was overwhelming. I questioned my abilities over some onions and eggs. I have since then made her dressing for every holiday and amazingly, no one objected to my chopping skills. I don’t say this sarcastically but realistically because I chop my onions and eggs the same way she instructed me. It was a learning curve but my point of this lesson is we have a natural tendency to do things differently or we think differently but in the end all of us ultimately want is delicious dressing.

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I will relate to another experience of cooking. While we were in Germany, I grew very close to our German landlords and their families. The grandchildren were learning English in school and they helped me with the German language. I made a refrigerator lemon cheesecake and my sweet landlady wanted to learn how to make it. I would measure it out in American style and she would put it in her measuring cups since she spoke no English. When I would think I had gotten all of the mixture out of a cup or bowl, she took it and “cleaned” it out until I could have placed it into the cabinet. It was sparkling and instead of appreciating her efforts, I wanted to get through with making the dish. My mind was focused on not having it get too warm and getting it into the refrigerator while she was focused on no waste. Both of our thoughts were good thoughts but different from each other’s.


Good cooks as well as good people have different thoughts and focus. This brings me to my point of this blog post……..As different as we are, our intentions are similar. We may have different ideas and methods but in the end, do you think most people want peace and prosperity? As much as we like our methods and processes to be the right one or the best possible way to proceed forward, it is wise to look at how the other person has derived to their conclusive method. We can learn from others; others can learn from us. The best solution is if two or more cooks are in the kitchen, each is assigned different dishes and remember to stir the pot to keep it from boiling over.


LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by listening more, talking less, and applying what we learn and discarding the criticism.

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