CALLING ALL SEENAGERS┬áseemed to be a great fit for me since my 50th Class Reunion happened last weekend. Yes, that is right 50 big ones since I roamed the halls of my high school. You may ask what is a “seenager” and I came up with that word when I witnessed the high energy from my classmates. It is a combo from Senior and Teenager and I think I will keep this word to describe those who are seniors but who act like teenagers.

Here is what I witnessed and I have to confess, participated. I think most of the ladies took a little more time with our hair and for those of us who wear make up…a little more cover up and maybe a new wrinkle cream. I ordered a new top so I was in the same mode. The guys may not have gone to as much trouble but I know the ones who have lost some or all of their hair took a look and wondered how many classmates would say something.

I had a silent laugh when Claire handed me my name tag with my senior picture and looked at that famous 60’s hair flip. I thought that picture’s title should be changed because I am a true senior now and that was a little premature titling all of us teenagers. Time would take care of that error and with time comes a lot of change and all of them not necessarily bad changes. I am including a video from that night and it includes the names of the classmates who have passed away. I was asked to do an inspirational short speech which I based on Where Do We Go From Here. It is humorous but what I found which made it hilarious were the amusing jabs from my dear friend Jan Malphus Downing backing up my remarks.

Our class president James O Smith pays tribute to our former classmates with a lighter follow up speech by Arline Miller. Videoed by Jan Malphus Downing with great interjections of humor.

As I woke up the morning after the reunion, several thoughts came to mind and I posted a Facebook message which I am attaching as it sums up a seenager’s response. Each day is valuable and we shouldn’t miss an opportunity to show love and friendship to each other.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.31.44 AM



Bloggers Side Note: May all of my classmates remain Seenagers with the energy, passion, and friendship. Our bodies may be reflecting a Senior Feel but in our hearts and minds we are and will always be the teenagers at Coffee High.

LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by remaining yourself because you are unique, interesting, and lovable just the way you are.

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