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I have been blogging since 2012 and my first post was in November. I have enjoyed being a blogger and seeing the likes and comments. I especially enjoyed looking at all of the readers in so many countries and languages and thinking what do you think of this southern gal? I have decided when you get to be 68 years old, there are many other adventures I may want to try and a blog requires a lot of discipline and dedication.

I thought I would take a few minutes and share with you the reader what excited a blogger the most, or at least me. There have been a few, not as many as I thought, who have been faithful to share the blog. Each and every time my blog was shared, I smiled not from ego but knowing someone used their valuable time and shared what I had written for others to read. I felt close to the reader when the blog has been liked but felt like a member of the reader’s family when it was shared.

Duchess seeing herself on FB

I have kept a Sipping Cups of Inspiration Facebook page but I will be taking it down too. What am I going to do? Some of you will not miss me and that is perfectly okay. Each of us have to live our lives the way we see fit. One thing I would love for you to take away from all of my rantings and hopefully inspiring with a few humorous tidbits thrown in is Live Life Your Way. Enjoy your journey and never be a carbon copy of anyone. Sure, it is great to have a mentor, advisor, spiritual leader, friend, employer, or even a stranger led a hand and give you advice. The key is to dive in deep within your heart, mind, and soul and choose the path.

Buster 1

Both of our furbabies, Duchess, our terrier and Buster our Papillon have appeared on my blog and they say Thank YOU in their own way. They advocate for others who have been rescued and live the happy life in their forever homes. Please support rescues.

Let me humbly say thank you to each and every person who has read and/or shared the blog. It has been a blast but as the adventurous “Seenager” I am, I have new paths to roam, flowers to pick, songs to listen to as I still cannot sing, recipes to try. The blog will stay up for a while for you to read for a while, but January it will go to the archives of life. May God bless All of You!

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