Do we have an attitude of I am blessed or do we think it is never enough? A lot of my friends say to me, “If I don’t want to hear the truth, I don’t ask Arline.” Here is one of those messages I wrote several years ago, but it is the truth, nothing but the truth.

Unfortunately, in this world we live in, a common occurrence is happening and I felt led to address it this morning. I understand the popularity increases when I write the funny, happy ones but once in a while the heart tugs at obstacles in our lives preventing true happiness. Let’s see how many agree with this observation or if you disagree that is okay too.



When I say “never enough” what comes to your mind?

Did it go never enough food?

Did it go never enough money?

Did it go never enough recognition?

Where did your mind go?

Did it possibly go to never enough time, never enough home, car, games, electronics?

Or did it go I could never get enough faith, hope, charity, blessings of good health and compassion, enough forgiveness for the wrongs I have done?

Now, we are sitting with our eyes open to a good thought and for which this message is designed. Our minds are being conditioned by society and worldly things;  we are not “getting enough” of the spiritual, family needs. To me, our thoughts need some overhauling. My Dad, who was probably one of the best shade tree mechanic, and who could tune an engine by ear and have it idle so quietly, you could not hear it running, He could overhaul what others would have tossed to the junkyard and make it purr. It has come time for us to overhaul our minds if we want true happiness and begin a process of prioritizing what our needs on this earth truly mean.

When the doctor told me to change my eating habits for my health, there are many times when my mind would love to think, I am not getting enough. When we have to economize and something I thought I wanted is not received; am I to think I am not getting enough because the truth is I have more than I ever have had in my life.  Allow me to explain why I feel this way. I am not referring to material things at all. I have so much more spirituality and humility and a feeling of what is right and wrong; I have control of a formerly bad temper, and I am so blessed as I never had these things until I received these gifts from God. Oh, they were present; I had not received them. God furnishes us enough; we forget to accept them until we banish those materialistic demands by trying to get enough of the wrong things. Once we decide it is God’s love we can’t get enough of; we start receiving the bounty of a lifetime…..LOVE, TRUST, FAITH, CHARITY, GOOD WILL, and HUMBLENESS. May God bless you with a trunkful of these powerful gifts this Christmas!

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