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WHAT DID YOU WISH FOR THIS YEAR? As the gift giving and receiving season is here, I had a thought about what we wish for? A new car? A new piece of jewelry? A new wardrobe? Or did you wish for world peace, love, charitable means or having the time to volunteer for the down trodden? Did you wish for our military’s safety and ability to come home and rejoin their families? Or did you wish for nothing for yourself and wish for others’ wishes to come true? Today, let us consider what we truly should be wishing for whether it be for Christmas, birthday, or anniversary.

According to Google Dictionary, the definition of WISH is the following:
  1. feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.
    “we wished for peace”
    synonyms: desire, want, hope for, covet, dream of, long for, yearn for, crave, hunger for, lust after;More


  1. a desire or hope for something to happen.
    “the union has reiterated its wish for an agreement”
    synonyms: desire, longing, yearning, inclination, urge, whim, craving, hunger;


    As I looked over the definitions and it gave me pause for thought. I began to think wishing for things doesn’t necessarily mean we wish for good outcomes. I looked at the meaning of the verb and the covet, lust after, meanings hit me in the face. So wishing might be used for selfish and ungodly purposes. Hmm? Did that cause you to think a little more about what we are wishing for?

    When I took a step back from my wish list, I wanted to re-think my wishes:

    Yes, I hope and wish for peace not only for our world but inner peace. When I was young and foolish, I welcomed confrontation. Now, I don’t like confrontation at all. I love peaceful moments and sharing positive thoughts instead of concentrating on things over which I have no control. I think I have received my wish of inner peace and maybe I should wish it grow stronger as years go by.

    Yes, I wish for prosperity and could say I desire a feeling of security as I age. When I was younger I wanted to be wealthy and I find I have accomplished success. But when I refer to wealthy and success, I find my definition of both of those words have dramatically changed. I want to be rich in my faith and soul. I want to be successful in my relationship, my family environment, and above all, I want the mansion in the heavens, but I will settle for a tent in Heaven. (see poem below that I wrote about this very topic.

    A Tent in Heaven

    I would gladly give up my mansion on earth for a tent in Heaven.
    I am blessed and I have more than silver and gold.
    But when it is my time to leave I won’t need time to pack.
    I’ve been told what you come in this world is what you take.
    God will provide for me with His Goodness sake.

    If before I die the mansions are completely filled in Heaven.
    I’ll take any old tent and joyously live my existence forth.
    I’ll be happy to live in any corner and lie in a sack.
    To live in the neighborhood in the light of Our Holy Lord
    My heart will sing and my soul will joyfully live.

    I have been promised if I faithfully make it to Heaven
    The Lord has prepared me a wonderful eternal home.
    But my blessing would have been given when I was forgiven.
    I have received my gold and silver and don’t have to roam
    Over the streets of gold so a tent could be my heavenly home.

    God you have provided me with a soul which wants to go to Heaven.
    I’ll be happy if I can sit on the floor at Your Heavenly throne.
    Dear God you can give those who had to mightily struggle.
    I will gladly see my loved ones in their beautiful mansions.
    If you fill the mansions before I come, a tent can be my eternal home.

    Written by Arline Miller 09/17/2014

    Yes, I wish for good health but again I wish and pray for others more than myself since God will bless us as we wish for a closer walk with Him and once we figure out the more we help others who are struggling, our inner strength and faith heals our being. 



    I will finish this blog message on a positive note. I have wished and hoped for many things, but this year I want to wish for something not to be given. I wish for hate to disappear in all forms. I wish for rudeness to become extinct. I wish for selfishness and greed to convert to charitable thoughts and deeds as well as a uniting of spirits for the betterment of ALL mankind and womankind. These are my Wishlist items this year and hopefully God is listening.

    LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by giving the most and asking the least for ourselves.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all of my readers.

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