IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS WE TREASURE…and I should add THE MOST. Even though I am living in a blurry world right now until I have the cataract surgery in a couple weeks, I was reminded how much little things are huge in our world. I am focusing on some personal memories for this message but I want to exemplify the message by pointing out the “feel good” messages and news. They warm our hearts when we hear or even reach out to a total stranger and lend a helping hand. Right? You are going through your memory bank at this moment and pulling one or more of those “feel good” memories and your heart is beginning to warm even if it is freezing outside.

This inspiration started when one of my FB friends posted a video which I am linking for you to take a minute or two and realize how much we can touch another’s soul or have that same person touch ours. Please look and let it soak in before I go into some little, but huge tugs at my heart:


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I added this because this was the second point of inspiration for this message and I want to share what was so beautiful and inspiring from our Mom’s actions. Momma lived on a fixed income so extra money was not available so she found ways to help others in the most creative ways. Until close to the end of her life, Momma would find out what her neighbors favorite dishes were and asking a place to eat that had to discard unsold leftover food to “bag it up” and when she was not able to load or unload it, those sweet workers would load her trunk with the otherwise discarded food and off she would go to several homes and she would blow her horn and tell them where she had their portions placed. Yes, it cost her a little in gas and time but she thrived on being a gifter and seeing them smile.

Another time when she was younger and working, she would bag up the leftover sweets and drive over to a home which had a lot of little ones who would yell, “It’s Aunt Bea” when they saw her smiling face. She would hand the bag of goodies out the window and drive off to another one. It gave her so much happiness to share what was available.

Momma grew up in the depression and she had the memories, not stories, of doing with little and any kindness from another was welcomed and appreciated with all of her heart. She never forgot one person who had helped her, cared for her, or sacrificed for her.


I could tell countless stories about Momma but I was doubly blessed with a Daddy who had a heart that was irresistible to babies and small children. He would give when he didn’t have it to see that little children had a little treat or gift. I will share this story which was posted by a family member who remembers to this day Daddy’s visit to their home:

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Mark Lott is with Cynthia Lott and 2 others.


Christmas is a time of giving and a time of receiving in the eyes of a child. After the gifts are open and Santa is gone it is a time for playing and excitement for many little boys and girls. There was a Christmas that two special parents were unable to buy gifts for their four little angels. It was Christmas day and these little ones were not allowed to go out and play with the neighborhood children. Their mother did not want the other kids showing off their toys; causing her to have to answer questions as to why Santa did not come to see them. As parents it was difficult not to have the money to buy your children gifts on Christmas.

There was a visit from the children’s uncle that day. The uncle cared for his brother’s family very much. The children were always excited to see their uncle and their faces would always light up. He asked his brother and sister-in-law that Christmas day, “Where are the children’s toys?” The stressed parents replied there was no money for Christmas this year. The uncle smiled and said that he understood. He said they may have to stay in today! But as soon as the stores open tomorrow, Santa will come to see them.

The day after Christmas Santa did stopped by. The children were excited and ran and played just like children should on Christmas Day. There were toys, crayons, paper dolls and little trucks and cars. Uncle Arlie and Aunt Bea helped Santa out and witnessed four little children jumping with excitement. Uncle Arlie and Aunt Bea were as special to the children as the children were to them.

Christmas is a time for caring, sharing, loving, forgiving and remember what family is all about. It is a time to make a child smile and helping those in need. All this comes from having Jesus in your heart. With knowing Him personally comes the true meaning of Christmas. Without him you will never experience how special Christmas can be.

To all of the Uncle Arlie’s and Aunt Bea’s out there I want to say thank you and Merry Christmas.

All of these stories can be matched by your memories too as I am sure there are the Aunt Bea’s and Uncle Arlie’s in your families and this brings me to the focus of this message:

Please grant me the blessing of gifting to others. Please grant me a charitable heart. Please allow me to share the bounties of this life. Please, Oh God I pray, let me follow in the footprints of YOU and my parents to share love and hope to all of those who are in need. LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by giving little things and time so that others will think of us and smile.

Until We Read Again…….Arline Miller

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  1. Plenty of thoughts and inspiration to help me set the course for my week! Thanks Arline. You made me remember the “gum man” from my childhood church. Every week, we kids would flock to him, enjoy his friendly smile, and take the stick of gum he handed us. A small way to teach us kids that church was a friendly, caring place!

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