Today I am simply wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and I will share my Valentine poem for my husband. Love is not always packaged in a beautiful card, gift, flowers, and or chocolates.

Celebrate love and enjoy this magnificent holiday! Click on the link and enjoy my poem.

My Valentine Wish


Love clouds

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My Valentine Wish

by Arline Miller


Roses are sent with a card with beautiful words of love 

Chocolates wrapped up in a red velvet flocked bow

A jewelry box wrapped so the glitter doesn’t show.

My mind remembers those Valentines of our past.

More vividly are the times signs of true love are expressed.

The warm touch when you place your hand over mine.

The safety of your arm wraps my body when we go.

It’s not the world ‘s usual gifts but even so, 

I glow.

When you tell me you’re my Valentine for life I understand.

It’s the unwrapped gift sent from your loving heart

Tells me all I really need to know. 

Happy Valentine’s Day and Loving Life from your wife. 


Written by Arline Miller

Valentine Day 2018

Here’s another One!


Many times, have I often looked at an image of a heart

And wondered why it looks the way it usually does.

At the top it has the curves for young love to start.

We are looking for the love of our life not as it was.

The curves give a false bravado as a soft and easy flow.

We feel nothing can upset the magnitude of the feeling.

Love sets the stage, and the romance starts to show.

Our heart cannot deny the beats as high as the ceiling.

I observed while looking at the narrowing at the lower tip

Of the delicate heart and my mind chooses to realize

While love is expressed so huge at the start of Cupid’s trip

It has to survive when times get rough and we live our lives.

Love is a flowing source of why we were made to give

Our best when the struggle to deal with the reality of life.

The other side of the heart is difficult when we need to forgive

And accept love as the answer to forget little errors and strife.

Give me the shape of the heart and I will lovingly appreciate

How it is a symbol of how I love you with all of my heart.

It is soft and curvy, but when love is valued for our fate.

God knew the heart has to survive and created a piece of art.

Written by Arline Miller for all of the Sweethearts in the World,

Including the Love of My Life, Greg Miller on February 12, 2021

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