ARE YOU IN CONTROL or DOES YOUR FOOD CONTROL YOU? For the past several years, this foodie has had to revamp my eating life style completely. Talk about an overhaul with more resistance than any revolution on earth and you have my dilemma. Four years ago, I had my physician use the words “walking time bomb” to describe my health status. What? Me? I was in shock and almost wanted to doubt him. See how much in denial I was about my health. I had only gone for blood work at the insistence of my husband who had harped that everyone needs to have lab work done once a year. I have finally forgiven him for keeping on keeping on until I went to get him to hush.

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes with an A1C over 7 and also hypertension at a nasty level. My weight was higher than I had ever weighed and let’s include high cholesterol and triglycerides in dire strait numbers. I walked out of his office in a fog state of mind. What had happened to me in the last ten years? Yes, that was how long it had been since I had a full blood work up and I was truly a walking time bomb. I went home and for some reason, I didn’t cry. I was too scared to cry. I had to change my way of eating and living. My husband, instead of boasting about insisting I go, supported me and agreed with me I could change and I was strong enough to take control.

I would like to say, oh yeah, I changed over night and it was all easy and simple….but I would be lying and I want to be upfront and honest. As a southern girl and a great cook, even if I say that myself, I had all of the bad habits to break. They had formed over a long period and it was an uphill battle to change.

I lost weight and my numbers improved. It wasn’t a miracle and I failed over and over and when I hear addicts say they fell off the wagon, I understand that we are food addicts if our biggest plans and projects have to do with food and cooking. I now understand the phrase “Eat to live and not live to eat!” Groceries had to change but did I grab on to this new way of eating…..No and No! This is the reason for sharing this with my readers. It didn’t happen over night and it may or may not happen over night for any of you either.

What changes did I have to make to see my BP at 110/62/59 this morning and basically the same yesterday? What mistakes did I make? What finally happened for my glucose to stop climbing to 180-185? Check out my list below and hopefully you will grab hold of your health and loosen the grip of food. You will find yourself in a battle but with the determination, I feel you will smile at the progress you can make in your life.

This is me after I had lost 10 pounds but more to go. I use this photo to remind me where I have come and where I wanted to go. Taken in 2016.

Arline’s List of Giving It Up Items and Adding Good Choices:

  1. I had to decide I wanted to live more than I wanted to eat senseless foods.
  2. I resigned myself that it wasn’t a piece of cake only that had caused my health issue but repetitive no-no’s which resulted in the poor health status.
  3. I couldn’t change others if I didn’t change myself. It is a lonely world of change when I watched others eat foolishly.
  4. I was in this challenge myself and no one else could save me but others could offer good advice. 
  5. No miracle drug or food was going to be my hero and there is no instant cure for what was wrong. It was going to take time to restore my good health.
  6. I had to learn to learn from my mistakes. I didn’t die from eating a dessert or junk food but collectively, they were instruments of self imposed suicide.
  7. I couldn’t lie in self pity with the “Why me” and “How can she or he eat like that and not have my health issues?” attitudes. We are dealt the cards of health but we can be in control in spite of those genetic threats.
  8. I had to be honest with myself. I finally told my husband and others my true weight. Believe it or not, it was like a cleanse in itself. This was a kick start to facing my health straight forward without any self deceit.
  9. I rewarded my progress and scolded myself when I went off track. Come on and get real. Beat yourself up, kick your own behind, and get back on track. At the time you see your efforts are paying off, reward yourself with something OTHER than FOOD. Doing the cheat day is like giving a drug to an addict. I had to remember this one!
  10. Take your life one day at a time. I believe short term goals are better than long term goals. They are easier to obtain and if I fail to reach it I can make up the shortage faster.

I would like to say I have everything in check but that is not true. I have moved a lot in the right direction. The struggle is real but living a life without insulin and at 68 years old, I am living life in a realistic way. I use this line a lot on this blog but I believe it. Live Life; Love Life; and Live Life to the Fullest by Loving Yourself enough to Be In Control of Your Life by Controlling Your Attitude to a Positive Stage.

This is after17 pounds lost. It is beginning to show. Numbers showed a drop too. 2017 photo
After 27 pounds and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. 2018 photo
I am working on the next 13 pound goal. Taking it in increments and staying positive. February 2018 after eye surgeries.

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