POWER UP WITH POWER AIR FRYER OVEN. About two months ago, I decided to invest in a air fryer oven to reduce or eliminate frying in our kitchen. Before I go too far with this post, I LOVE fried foods and this was one of the hardest decisions but now one of the best decisions I have made. My husband came along, kicking and yelling I am a Fried Fanatic, but he realized soon that this is an opportunity to cook with less oil but yet the food is tasty.

Before I tell you all of the merits of this new way of us cooking, I want to take you back to my Southern roots where frying is like breathing, a built in natural way to cook. I remember bacon side meat, pork chops, chicken, sausage, salmon patties, and even our hamburgers were……Yes, FRIED with PRIDE! In the south, we figured out how to bread and fry pickles so don’t stand still in the south or someone may figure out a way to fry you (just kidding). I have ways to fry up most anything you would like. You have probably seen the recipe for fried Twinkies. Oh yes, the art of frying and the splashing of the grease. I have memories of the “pop” burns from grease splatters. We mastered the art of putting a piece of onion in our grease to prevent burning (by the way that works) and to test the temperature, placing a kitchen match in the oil or grease and when it strikes, the grease is hot enough. Safety warnings do not come with southern cooks and a grease fire created the need for fire extinguishers.

To be upfront, this Power Air Fryer Oven is not our first Air Fryer. Man, I bought an Air Fryer (sorry, but not critiquing brands) and it was not our cup of tea or better yet, not our frying pan. I don’t know if there was anything wrong with it, human operating error, or the fact we may not have been ready to face our addiction of fried foods and deal with it. Whatever the reason, our first air fryer after one use had the primo position on our yard sale. I think we felt that this was not the way to overcome our fried food addiction.

My friends kept posting some great looking food made in their air fryers and I was a little envious. Apparently they were smarter since they must have read the directions or had better air frying skills. I wanted this skill, I sought this skill, and I watched an infomercial (that’s right, one of those capture and take over your mind commercials) and they were creating magic with the Power Air Fryer Oven. They sold me and I went into my husband’s office and made the big announcement, I was going to order US one of those air fryers but this one was an oven. I wish I had taken a picture of Greg as it would have been priceless. He thought his wife, the frying queen of the kitchen, had lost her ever-loving mind. Oh no, we aren’t going through that experience again was the look in his eyes. He thought of every excuse, but I stood my air frying ground and ordered it.

Now, I am posting on a regular basis new dishes I have made in the oven and what is cool is how much Greg loves the food. I have added recipes on a board I created on Pinterest and the world of air frying and baking in what is the equivalent of a convection oven which distributes the heat all around and through the food. One Tablespoon of different oils is placed in the bottom tray or no oil at all if preferred. It is that tiny bit of oil that gives the food a hint of fried taste without any greasiness at all. Cleanup is great and this “diamond” of appliances sits on the counter ready to make the simple and easy meals.

I cannot tell you all of the dishes I have made but I am listing a link to my Pinterest board for Power Air Fryer Oven Recipes. These are not mine and I will try to write some of mine and post from time to time but try some of the recipes and comment on my blog so we can share the fun and great taste using this idea of “non-fried foods that will make any Southerner proud”.

Here is my link to my Pinterest board:



Cajun Catfish Power Air Fryer Oven Style

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 8.50.29 AM

One of my favs and we don’t miss the fried fish. Enjoy the new world of “frying” by not frying food.

For more info on Power Air Fryer Oven check them out at:

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