I wish I had a picture of Hoss and Daddy but this one shows how big Hoss was.  (photo by Dog Star Daily)

Since yesterday would have been my Daddy’s 94th birthday and because animals were a big part of Daddy, I thought I would share a humorous story about one of Daddy’s dogs, Hoss. The name was a version of Horse since this dog was as big as a large pony. I never was sure of Hoss’s origin or breed. Someone probably gave Daddy the dog as that is how we acquired dogs back in the day. Not too many dogs were bought at that time; people shared puppies. One day when I went out to visit Daddy, Hoss was lying in the yard. Daddy had told me to let him know when I was coming so he could tell Hoss it was all right. I saw what he meant when I drove up. Hoss stood up in the yard and I could easily tell that I wasn’t going to be allowed in until I had permission. Once Daddy spoke to Hoss, he immediately changed his guard dog attitude and became a gentle giant. He laid down and in a few minutes, Daddy looked at his watch and said, “In about five minutes, Hoss will do his patrol.” Sure enough, almost to the second, Hoss jumped up and went down the fence line and around to the pigeon and chicken coups and back around. When he returned, he laid down again. Daddy said, “You can set your watch by Hoss; every hour he patrols and if all is okay, he lays down. He would bark or take care of whatever would be wrong. He is a good dog.” Every hour that is exactly what Hoss did. But this is not the story that you might find funny. Georgia Power had its power lines behind Daddy’s land and you had to cross his road to get to the power lines. One day, while Daddy was home, one of the men that was going to work on the lines the next day came up and asked Daddy if he could park his truck at Daddy’s and walk to the lines. Daddy said yes and the man left. The next day, Daddy left for work early as he always did and started working. Almost lunchtime Daddy remembered the man was supposed to be there and “Then There was Hoss”. Daddy drove immediately home and there was the man on the top of his truck (not the hood but the top) and then there was Hoss standing up on his hind legs! The man said “Thank God” and Daddy called off Hoss who willingly went to get some water. Daddy apologized and said I forgot to tell Hoss it was okay. The man said, as long as I was up here, he was fine, but I even tried to get back into the cab of the truck and he let me know quickly, “Not until it is okay”. Daddy said, “You can come back any day and he won’t bother you.” I never knew if the guy ever came back. Now for the deeper thought……God watches us when we believe and trust in Him like Hoss watched over the yard. He is always there on patrol and also if we don’t believe, He can be called off like Hoss and He will allow the uninvited into our lives. Be diligent and let God know we need his protection so we can keep the “bad ones” on the top of the truck. Happy Birthday Daddy and I hope Hoss is roaming the land with you!

I thought of posting this blog message when one of my friends saw my birthday post and made the statement she loved my Daddy stories. I realized, as I have many times, that these stories are part of my heritage, my childhood, and my life. We are composites of all of the people who we have met and each one deposits certain traits. Think about it. If your parents or a close relative had a way of “spinning yarn” or telling tales, you may have a future as a writer. Your creative juices are increased and odds are you will start “spinning some yarn” yourself. You may choose to write them down. If someone in your family is a great cook, it may begin by copying their recipes and then on to creating your own. How many times do you see a television food chef refer to how one of their family members cook or bake some dish a certain way. If you have been exposed to good gardeners by family or friends, your curiosity is sometimes sparked to research or plant some seeds yourself. A friend begins to take their health seriously and begins the journey of revamping the foods they eat and/or the exercise they participate. This is a speck in how others influence us by their interjection of themselves in our lives. Faith and morality works the same way. Recently, a famous but humble preacher, Billy Graham, passed away. The news referred to his tent crusades as he had sent his faith message to over 200 million people all over the world. How about that mass intervention?

My final thought is your life is interjecting pieces of you into other’s lives. Those who come into contact with you (and me) have been influenced by us. Wow, that is intense, right? What kind of influence are we bestowing on others? Good or bad? Are we sharing our talents? Are we encouraging instead of discouraging? Will we be a great memory as Hoss and my Daddy to our children, grands, and family as well as friends. This is something to ponder and I will leave you with a few thoughts.

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Arline Miller, blogger and author presents Arline’s Little Quotes:

If I can’t be the best, let me try my best. If I can’t see the light, let me light a candle. If I can’t be the fairest of them all, let me at least stand faithful and tall. If I can’t see how far I have come, let me at least find my way home. ALM

I may not rise above the clouds today; I may not finish my book; I may not say the right words; but in my heart, I am soaring with the eagles; writing a masterpiece; and most importantly saying something which will change someone’s life. ALM

If today, each of us would stand tall, walk with pride, talk with common sense, give a fair days work, commit with our hearts to a lifetime relationship with family and friends, believe in justice and fairness, and show the heart of forgiveness, honesty, and integrity; this world would change to a better place. ALM

If today I touch one heart for one second with the true love of God; my day has been more than a lifetime of living. ALM

If we pass through someone’s mind; let our foot prints stay in their heart. ALM

All of these are quotes I have written and you can find these and more on the page on this blog titled Arline’s Little Quotes. Check them out:


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