STAGING YOUR HEALTHY EATING sounds a little strange, right? I have been giving a little advice to a good friend who is preparing to sell her home. She didn’t need any advice on how she had decorated her lovely home. My advice and you may have seen a previous post when we sold our home on staging. This blog post wasn’t inspired in totality from my lending her a hand but it came from looking at some real estate posts on some homes. Both of the homes I viewed had “slashed prices” and drastically reduced prices” and when I looked at the photos, I understood why they were not selling. The bones were good in both of the properties but the photos showed clutter, clutter, clutter. I will spend a few minutes with some tips on how to stage a home and I think you will see how staging a home and staging your healthy eating have a lot in common. Paying attention to details in any stage of our lives is vital to success.

I used to stage model homes for trade shows and there is an art to bringing out the best features while directing the eye away from the negative features. A neutral background is necessary with accents to draw the attention away from the possible show stopper.

Looking at these photos of the rooms, it is easy to see how the clutter is what shows and not the features of the room. This is how Not to Do It examples.

Here are some of my tips for staging a home or apartment and are actually great tips when decorating a new place:

  1. As much as we love personal belongings and favorite things, pack them away while selling your dwelling. A potential buyer may think your grandchildren are precious, it is important they can imagine hanging their family’s picture in THEIR home so no family photos. Remember your intent is to sell and if you are successful, these precious belongings will be packed anyway, so get started early.
  2. Counters need to be free of clutter. Even if you have to pull all of those fantastic small appliances, mountains of spices, papers, sets of glasses, collections of ceramic mugs, chickens, pigs, or cows; pack them up and away from sight. Think about a certain collection a friend has that turns you off but they love them to death.
  3. Clean, clear, and shine. Your home is now a showplace and should reflect a clean and polished environment. A clean and clear home will show off the features of the home. Don’t forget the dust on the baseboards, crevices, and corners. Also glass is such a beautiful reflective asset if smear-free and sparkling.
  4. Personal belongings and specific trend decor items are distractions and selling a home is not a time to display everything you own. In selling, more home and less gadgets, clothing, accessories is more appealing.
  5. Tubs, sinks, and counters are to be seen and shampoos, cleaning tools, and trinkets are items to be stored. Those dollar store tubs and bins are great ways to de-clutter until the viewings/open houses are completed and a sale is pending. If you place your grooming items in small bins or tubs and put them away temporarily, the rooms will look so much neater and appealing.
  6. A good tip is refrain from buying during the selling period. Even if you already have a place in mind, the time for furnishing the new place is when you have sold the current place.
  7. Smells are very important. All pet items are to be removed and fresh linens are a must. Air out the home if possible and avoid certain candles as they may be your favorite but as I am highly allergic to a lot of scents and chemicals, the fresher and more natural the better. Bake cookies, but don’t burn them (meant to be humorous but very relevant). Trash is to be continually removed.
  8. De-clutter and clean refrigerator and stove. Cabinets are to be organized and clean. These are vital as the future homemaker may love to cook and this is a critical space which can make or break a sale.

Clean counters and floors cleared of clutter can stage rooms to show off the best features. Artwork or nice accessories can be used but never overwhelming. 

I have many more tips and may spend a few blogs on how to stage and maintain a home while selling it and more importantly while you live in it. I promised to tie these tips into how you can stage your healthy living. Here is how I can relate all of the tips and apply them into making eating healthy easier.

  1. As much as you like personal snacks and food, remove them from your eyesight by cleaning out the storage areas where you normally and proudly display food that is going to distract you from your goal of “selling” yourself on taking better care of you. Remember your goal is to be successful in improving your health.
  2. Counters need to be free of clutter. While focusing on meals, there is no place to see food items or reminders of what not to eat. Take away the temptation and if you have to display items, make sure you have healthy choices handy and visible.
  3. Clean, clear, and shine. When you are feeling good you look good. As you make progress with your healthy eating, learn to reward with gifts other than food. A new haircut, manicure and pedicure and an addition to your wardrobe in your best color is better than going out to eat. Non food rewards are the best.
  4. Personal pleasures of foods should be avoided. This is not the time to display or go through pictures and ads for the temptation foods. Instead, start building the recipes you can have and make recipe collections to focus on instead of that wonderful pound cake you bake. Also pack up the cake cover, the cookie jar, etc.
  5. Restock your personal care items with healthy oils, supplements, and care items. Vanity is not an option but looking at your progress in the clean mirrors and seeing yourself excited about stepping on the scales will keep you on track.
  6. Refrain from buying at this time. Give yourself time for your new look. You may drop a lot of sizes and it is okay to wear your clothes as they get looser until it is officially a WOE and not a temporary fix.
  7. Smells are very important to eating healthy. If your new WOE contains wonderful smells, it is easier to adjust. Freshness outweighs staleness so be choosy in what you buy and fill your home with great herbs and seasonings.
  8. Declutter your refrigerator, pantry, and cabinets. Stock and organize with colorful and fresh food items. Make it an event to walk into your kitchen and open the doors to a wonderful and healthy display of foods.

Colorful foods, clean home and fresh scents of herbs and fruits can guide you on the right track.

As I finish, you may see that I transcend from any part of my life with the same intent. All phases of our lives can intertwine and these rules can apply to a lot of ways to live. I encourage any of you who struggle with selling a home or eating healthy to first declutter, clean, and shine your mind. As I say, “LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by eating well and living the best life ever.”

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