LET’S SPRING THE HUMAN TRAP is a version of a post I wrote in 2013 and I wanted to share some additional thoughts on how we can spring the trap we humans find ourselves caught in and seemingly no way to escape. You may find it is easier to escape from those traps and thoughts which can keep us from living a free and wonderful life. Here is the original posts.


TODAY THE WORD is TRAPS.  This morning, I had the thought of how trappers set traps to catch the animals. These traps are usually cruel entrapment and a lot of suffering occurs before death. I am not speaking this morning for animal rights (protective advocates are actively seeking protection for this practice).

I want to talk about a different kind of trap…..the human trap we set for ourselves. Bear with me, as you know I am a positive person and my thoughts will lead us there in a few minutes. So many young girls set a trap for themselves by allowing peers to put the bait on the trap and encourage the others to follow. Indeed too much pressure to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, dress a certain way and act a certain way. Once the trap is sprung, the girls have to be molded and therefore a life style is set. Let me say this for the young girls being tempted to go this route and this has been an observation over many years; the girls in high school that usually are the most prettiest, most popular, and the most petite find out that once in the real adult world, they will need more than just looks. Sometimes, the girls who don’t blossom as early, seem to take on a radiance later in life. Once in a while, you will see some that spring the trap and release themselves from a life of being a diva and that is inspiring. The trick is not to get “trapped” in life and to realize how special each one of us is to Our Maker, our families and our friends.

Anyone who critiques another may be a little jealous as it is not always just looks people measure others by. A great sense of humor; great talents; great athletic ability; ability to communicate easily; and other abilities that shine may be a threat to those who depend solely on looks. The life trap with its bait of popularity is intriguing  to most young people; it is deadly if other traits and abilities are not added to a person’s life. External beauty usually fades and the methods some use to try to stay young sometimes come back to haunt the person. Internal beauty radiates stronger as the source of the glow ages.

Be true to yourself

The Thinking Trap | Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/do-something-different/201505/the-thinking-trap

An excerpt from this article has great information on how to avoid The Thinking Trap. The entire article can be read from the link above.

The implications of the Thinking Trap are considerable and include:

– We should be very careful when taking any notice of what people say in any context. The chance of this being true is relatively small.

– We are likely to think that much education, training and development are useful when they are not.

– Governments and official agencies should not shape public policy according to what people say.

– People will have illusions of competence (or incompetence). Sometimes these will be damaging and sometimes dangerous.

– Any evidence is unlikely to be free from bias.

– When faced with clearly contradictory evidence people are likely to reshape their biases, not reject them.

– It is unlikely that health information and education will be effective to get people to change their lifestyle for the better (as discussed in my previous blogs and in a paper I published last year1)

– What we do has much greater importance than what we think. And to change thoughts, changing a related behavior will have much more power than putting effort into thinking differently.

Every one of us is caught in the Thinking Trap. And the harder we try to get out, the firmer its grip. We can minimize the problems associated with the Thinking Trap if we are always aware that it is operating on us. Instead of staying with the thoughts, why not give what you do a chance to define your self-concept?


Now for the deeper thought……It is deep……Life is to embrace our uniqueness as that is from what we grow and illuminate the world. Here is my example of what I am embracing: All of us have seen pictures of Mother Theresa, a plain looking women, who came from abundant and affluent heritage and who gave up all to serve. Is she not beautiful to view? Look at her picture and see how her internal beauty radiates and allows you to see past the wrinkles and the plain attire. She sprung her trap and with that freedom, has found her place among a semblance of saint. Today, release yourself from the trap and feel the freedom to be yourself. (Reprint of original post in 2013 Sipping Cups of Inspiration)

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