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It’s Spring and Time to see how your blogger writes Romance Novels with a different twist of Suspense. If you like to figure out Who, What, Why, and How while laughing, crying, wondering, and loving, this is the time to read one of my ebooks while at bargain prices.



It all started with A Mistress, A Wife so this is my first book in the series, Reflections of Love. Don’t wait but click on the links to buy both of the books before the third and final book of this series is finished.


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When I write, the world becomes my infinite playground.

If I feel weak, I can create a strong character and I feel invincible.

If I feel lonely, I create a person surrounded by those who love.

If I feel restless, I can give my characters many great adventures.

If I feel strong, I create a character which my strength is needed.

If I feel stressed, I can add laughter and a lighthearted scene.

If I feel love, I can create compassion for others feeling unloved.

Written by Arline Miller in 2016

A book or a poem allows an escape or alteration to a mundane life. I am blessed with a wonderful life and enjoy the ability to create a different world where readers can step into a character’s fictional life. Maybe it helps to appreciate the life they have in reality.

There is an author page on this blog if you want to learn more about me. I love encouraging other budding authors who want to dabble in blogging, writing, and living. Until We Read Again, Arline Miller

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