Spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner. Increasing temperatures may have your thoughts turning towards how to keep your home cool when the heat of summer is in full-force. Bad memories of your sky-high electric bills from running your air conditioning last summer may still be in the back of your mind.

However, there are ways of preparing your home for summer early, to keep your home cooler and reduce your energy bills at the same time.

Install Attic Fans

Anyone who has completed elementary school science knows that heat rises. This factor, combined with the summer sun hitting your roof means that your attic is one of the hottest parts of your home during summer. This heat can stay trapped in your attic and continue to keep your home hot, rejecting your attempts to cool your home and making your air conditioner work overtime. Attic fans are the solution to draw this hot air out of your attic, keeping your attic and your whole home cooler. Solar powered attic fans are an even better solution that can allow you to take advantage of all the cooling benefits of solar star attic fans.

Image of laptop on desk with cupholder, mouse, and cellphone, with window and closed blinds in background

Keep Windows And Blinds Shut

Radiant heat is an overlooked factor in your home temperature. Sun shining through open windows, doors or traditional skylights can rapidly warm up the surfaces and air inside your home, keeping it stuffy and hot. Where possible installing block out blinds or curtains for your windows and doors, and sealing all openings and frames will reduce temperatures. An investment in double paned windows can also help to insulate your home against heat gain. Rather than choosing traditional skylights that allow maximum heat gain and glare into your home, consider SolaTubes, which make the most of natural sunlight while filtering out glare and keeping your insulation intact.

Change Your Lighting

Small touches can make a difference to the heat level in your home. For various reasons, homeowners greatly underestimate how effective changing light bulbs can be for energy efficiency and heat regulation in the home. Regularly changing incandescent light bulbs can help maximize light and reduce heat. For the best result, opt for energy efficient lightbulbs, or natural daylighting systems where possible.

Tune Up Your Air Conditioning

Tuning up your air conditioner early has many advantages. First of all, your air conditioner is clean and maintained, ready for peak performance when you need it most. Secondly, you make sure your air conditioning is operating properly before the booking rush for air conditioning maintenance when summer starts. While nothing beats the energy and cost efficiency of installing Solatubes to naturally cool your home, a well-maintained air conditioning unit efficiently lowers temperatures by using less energy, giving you better cooling results with lower utility bills.

The hottest months of summer have not come yet, but now is the perfect time to begin preparing for hotter weather. Tending to the smaller details of your home and working on natural lighting options will remove heat for your home so you can enjoy a cooler, more peaceful and pocket-friendly summer


Now, as I always do to apply simple ideas for your life for the betterment of enjoying it more. Here is my interpretation of these suggestions for improving and making your life sizzle in a wonderful way:

Install Attic Fans:

Our minds are the equivalent of an attic fan. As you can read, the attic fan’s function is to pull the hot air out of our house, let’s apply this to our minds. When we get agitated by situations, relationships, work related issues, financial woes, and I even hate to mention this but politics. The situations get steamier and hotter if not calmed and even released from our minds. May we begin to use our attic fans (minds) to resolve by calmly breathing in fresh air or ideas. Release the hot air by refusing to argue heatedly.

Keep Windows and Blinds Shut:

Oh, I feel this topic catching on by the suggestion of keeping windows and blinds shut by avoiding getting involved in others’ business if not asked to give our thoughts. Far too many times, we add our thoughts and yes, our opinions without being asked. We jump in and give our two cents worth (and literally that is truly the worth but we think it is priceless). My Mom had an old saying that she had adopted, “If you sweep around your own door, you wont have time to sweep around someone else’s.” That saying didn’t mean not to help others when needed but tend to your own business first and if you properly care for your house and life, you don’t have time to be nosy. Keep the windows and other people’s lives shut from nosiness.

Change your lighting:

If we live in the dark or even if we try to be brightest light in our world, we sometimes miss how a conservative life can be the easiest and most beneficial. Too many times and you will probably agree, one person in the neighborhood will try to outdo all of the rest by putting up 10,000 lights. We do this in more ways than just lights, in dress, jewelry, cars, toys, hobbies, etc. We feel we have to outshine someone else, why? Turn down the watts and learn how a simpler life will be more rewarding and stop the competition and conserve your energy into a higher power outlet. Save your brilliance for the ultimate lighting of your soul.

Tune up your air conditioning:

We are now into what I consider the most important instruction on improving our lives by tuning up our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. So many times, we want the instant fix such as a perfect diet, a perfect soulmate, a perfect home, a perfect job, a perfect financial picture but it is a simple fix in proper maintaining of all aspects of our lives by tuning up what we have. This is what I mean by a simple fix for tuning up our lives:

  • Tune up our minds by adding positive input such as motivational books, audios, seminars and speakers. Determine things and events which inspire your mind. Tune out the negativity. Move away from friends and/or associates, activities which dampen your spirits. Tune down anger and forgive others frequently.
  • Tune up your body by learning how and what to eat to benefit a positive body and tune down the foods which alter your body shape and mindset. Tune your engine with an exercise and physical activity which you enjoy because you will keep it running if you enjoy doing it.
  • Tune up your relationship by adding those additives which make it run smoother and remains in the showroom condition as when you first fell in love. Tune up with dates and special trips with romantic, cuddling, and fun times.
  • Tune up your home that you have. Little, inexpensive, changes and tune up of decor will brighten your home life. You don’t have to have a mansion such as everyone doesn’t drive a Mercedes to get to the destination, but a well maintained home and yards make you want to be at home.
  • Tune up your job and/or career by giving it a shot of adrenaline of effort. Do you willingly and freely volunteer to do the tedious tasks which will make the biggest impact on the success of business? Remember well tuned parts make the entire equipment run well together.
  • Tune up your finances by idling down your spending. Think before you buy. Is this really necessary? It’s kind of like the trinket or dice hanging from the mirror, is it really something that will add to the equipment or is it something that will keep you from having perfect vision or finances.

I think you get the picture from applying simple rules or as I like to ponder “Does it make common sense?” Life is hard enough but maintaining simple rules and management can keep you cool and comfortable in the hottest seasons of life. Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the Fullest by Cooling Your Life with Love.