CAN WE GO BACK TO FLOWER POWER? For some of you, flower power, the 60’s and the hippie days will not mean anything to you but for those of us who lived through them, we will happily relate. This week, this 69 year old gal had run out of energy after working on a web project and overseeing the field implementation of that project. In other words I was whipped. I thought I would share a little of my walk back to a time when we lived to live and love.

I was busy with work and found out my dear sister who I love so deeply and who has had more than her share of health issues in the last few years had a doctor’s appointment in the town we now live in. I haven’t had a chance to actually talk more than a couple minutes here and there. I invited them to come to lunch so we could visit. There wasn’t time for me to do one of my Arline lunches but my wonderful husband volunteered to pick up some barbecue and some ribs. I had fresh fruit along with some watermelon and lunch was on.

I have not been doing the “get every hair in place” routine and during this work marathon, there have been a lot of days my hair would be banded on top and not even worry about it. That seems like I am living the hippie life anyway, right? Well, I was in a hurry, grabbed a scarf and threw on a loose top, and some comfy pants. I took a picture and so many people complimented it when I posted it to be funny about me in a scarf. It caused me to pause and look at life through flower power, fields of poppies, tie died shirts, live for the moment. Before you think drugs and stuff, I didn’t participate in drugs at all. I didn’t drink except for a few experimental attempts at beer (sorry but that would never be a temptation for me) and a few take my breath away sips of alcohol which I wondered what was the appeal? I escaped that era of pot and other drugs but I don’t think it was drugs that was the big draw. Let me explain.

We lived with a wonderful love of change. Most of us had lived with segregation but integration was introduced and we found out we liked and welcomed the change. We found new friends and the world became larger and certainly more interesting. There was also an infiltration of losing the “status” thinking. Sure, some of us were poor, some were higher income origin, and even our upper echelon friends didn’t act like they were uppity. We talked, laughed, and were even silly together. The world became a playhouse and it was interesting to interact. There was no need for us to prove anything except the school requirements. It was okay to like all people of all races, and occasionally one of the stubborn hold to the old regime folks would act up but it was stopped by the rest of us. Times were changing and so were we! Love was in the air and we joined together as a group.

As we grew older, the world left us as hipsters but some of the 60’s children have hung onto the flower power decade. I have one of the most loving friends who still loves tie died and brilliant colors who served as a detective for over 30 years, almost 40 and give that gal any semblance of the 60’s and she flashes the biggest smile. I am trying to find a picture of her in some of her most favorite shirts. Here is my life long friend Jan Malphus Downing, hippie extraordinaire. Her dream would be to possess Janis Joplin’s Porsche.


What is the most remarkable result of the 60’s? I think we are the most accepting of the decade kids. We usually love and let live. You don’t have to believe as we do; you have the right to be unique. We invite uniqueness but love to intertwine in the mixture of talents and gifts. We love our Maker and our Earth and the inhabitants. Can you stir us up if you want to fight and explode without a true cause, by all means we will tell you how we feel.

My final thoughts about flower power is in this time of turmoil and sheer rudeness, is maybe you need to braid some flowers in your hair, throw on a tie died shirt or moo-moo, put on some groovy music and escape all of this nonsensical drama. Find a field of flowers and lay down and watch the clouds. You will be surprised at how trivial all of the hoopla is and what is really important. While you return to our time of love and laughter, you may find yourself smiling while twirling a flower stem in your hands.

Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the fullest by stopping to laugh and love with Flower Power! 

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  1. once again Arline a great read………..Jan and or Janis Joplin are the only 2 people I can think of that would still fit easily back into the 60’s flower power. Thanks for taking us back in time for a few minutes!

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