HOW DO YOU EAT A HOT DOG?¬†This topic may surprise you, especially if you eat a hot dog as it was designed to eat. I decided to share a little secret about how you can tell a lot about someone’s personality how they eat a simple hot dog. I love going off the normal track and wander off the beaten trail. It is amazing how much you can learn by observation and this is really the point of the blog today. Follow me off the path of normal behavior to find those who are willing to take a chance. How do you eat your hot dog? How do you cut your sandwich? What order do you eat your food?

Okay, you may say this is the way I eat my hot dog so what is the big deal? Well, I don’t eat my hot dog this way and I think it speaks volumes. I have always been a “in the moment” person and never have boasted about having patience. I want it now attitude has been a force in my life and I will do what I need to do to get it done. So why is the fact that I never eat a hot dog from one end but I take a bite out of the other end at some point while I am eating my hot dog. It is anticipation and curiosity that drives that bite. I have had people to ask why I do this but most people never notice. This will be the second point of my topic, how observant are we?

Let me find out a little bit about you:

How do you hold your hot dog? One or two hands?

Do you ever use utensils to eat a hot dog?

Do you start from one end and eat your dog all the way to the other end?

Do you ever take a bite from the other end while eating a hot dog?

Do you dress the dog or the bun or both?


From my observation of life and people, may I lend some insight in your personality derived from the way you eat your dog as it pertains to your life:

  1. If you hold the dog with both hands, you tend to be over cautious in life with hesitations to take risks but you are dependable and detailed in any task you undertake. If you hold it with only one hand, you willingly take on risks and new adventures without a lot of thought. In other words, you are more spontaneous if you eat it with one hand.
  2. If you eat with utensils, you are too meticulous and have a problem dealing with the unexpected. You tend to be a worry wart and are always conscious of your clothes, your dress, your status and others’ opinions.
  3. If you eat the hot dog by starting from one end and taking each bite in the same direction and would never consider taking a bite from the other end before you finish, you are steady and driven by normal behavior and patterns. In other words, you are predictable. But what does it say if you take a bite from the other end? It says nothing is set in stone but you are willing to think outside the box, creative juices flow from your mind, and you can accept a new way to do things and are very flexible in your way of doing things.
  4. If you dress the hot dog and not the bun, you are consistent and organized but could lean to the rigid way of doing things. You can be slightly inflexible and have to live on a schedule or routine. Your drawers have to be neat and organized. If you dress the bun, you don’t like too much neatness and organization. You prefer life to be a little messy and dripping with problems. Stuffy people bore you and you prefer to be around people who can deal with irresponsibility. Now, for the one that may surprise you is if you dress both the dog and the bun. In other words, you pile it all on the bun and dog. You want it all and you will eat through the messy parts, enjoy the flavors, and savor each bite. This is the person you know who knows no boundaries and rules. They live for the next bite and don’t worry about the possible indigestion.

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Did you find this interesting? How do you eat your hot dog if you eat hot dogs at all? This is another subject for another day. What you will find out about people is through observation. Look at the next person you meet and wonder how they would eat a hot dog. You will be surprised when you combine those traits, which we all have, and the actions/personalities. Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the fullest by listening, observing, and getting to know your fellow woman or man.

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