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Butterfly Post was originally posted in 2016 but I love them and thought I would share this wonderful display of God’s beautiful creation again. I hope you enjoy this colorful post with one of my original poems.

TODAY THE WORDS are GOD TOOK TIME WITH BUTTERFLIES.  A dear friend of mine loves butterflies and she posts pictures of butterflies almost every day on Facebook. I see them, I think they are beautiful but until this morning when she posted a composite which I have displayed on this page, I didn’t have the inspiration before. I looked at this picture longer than usual and with a lot more depth visually and then the spiritual connection became evident.  (This dear friend passed away and it seemed to fit this theme as she has transformed into her eternal body).



Let’s look at the life of a butterfly and I think you will realize (you may already know) why God took extra time in creating so many varieties, so many sizes, so many colors, and so much beauty. In the beginning of life, after the egg stage which is attached to the leaf, the caterpillar stage begins. The caterpillar (or larva) is the long, worm-like stage of the butterfly or moth. It often has an interesting pattern of stripes or patches, and it may have spine-like hairs. It is the feeding and growth stage. As it grows, it sheds its skin four or more times so as to enclose its rapidly growing body.

The chrysalis (or pupa) is the transformation stage within which the caterpillar tissues are broken down and the adult insect’s structures are formed. The chrysalis of most species is brown or green and blends into the background. Many species overwinter in this stage. The adult (or imago) is colorful butterfly or moth usually seen. It is the reproductive and mobile stage for the species. The adults undergo courtship, mating, and egg-laying. The adult butterfly or moth is also the stage that migrates or colonizes new habitats.
As we see, the butterfly goes through many stages before it gets to the magnificent display of art as shown on the left and above.

God must have wanted us to see how life can be for all of us with the journey of the butterfly. We go through so many stages and some of them are awkward and sometimes it takes long periods of time before life becomes brilliant and colorful and people begin to show “their true colors of life”. God sent us a message to be patient like his masterpiece and to be watchful, careful, understanding, and faithful to the cause and purpose of our being. When we reach our full beauty in our soul, then we fly with God like the wonderful butterfly. I wrote the following poem in memory of my sweet butterfly loving friend and added it to this post.

Do Butterflies Exist in Heaven?


I think they must be present in Glory.

Their wings all fluttering in the clouds.

They dip to earth to give us a glimpse

Of the beauty in Heaven which surrounds.


Butterfly, can you tell us your Story?

Are you an angel making your rounds?

You light close enough we want to touch

Only to see you leave our leaves and ground.


While we are living, it is for us to flurry.

We live and love, listening to the sounds

For the Butterfly ever illusive as much

As we try to capture the beauty we found.


Butterfly, did you take a flight from Glory?

One of our own has taken to the starry skies

To leave us behind to learn to smoothly glide

And while she flies beyond our earthly sight,

She looks behind and sees her Angel wings.


Now, on earth we will forever bury

Our heads in joy at the beautiful sight

Of the fragile butterfly wondering as it soars

If it be our beloved friend who now can sing

With all the Heavenly Hosts taking to flight.


Written in loving memories of our Butterfly

Teresa Hutto Hester


Until we fly together…. Arline Miller, author

2 Corinthians 5:17                

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 

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