IN EVERYTHING, GIVE THANKS.  As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we find ourselves involved in so many activities it can be overwhelming. Today, before the big hooplah begins, let us take a few minutes to be thankful to be alive to give thanks. Life can be short; life has to be lived to the fullest. Yesterday, after four years of blogging, my page views passed 150,000 page views. This was exciting and I gave thanks but you might be surprised what I gave thanks. I thanked God for the viewers not the views. It is not required for you to read my blog and if you have never read it before; that is truly okay. I am thankful you are reading it while I am acknowledging the viewers. God wants us to share thoughts with each other.
While we are giving thanks, let us remember who are less fortunate and what we can do to help others have reasons to be thankful. If you cannot give money; give time. If you cannot solve someone’s problems; pray for God to solve them. If you are feeling helpless; be thankful for a God to call upon to aid you and bring you up from the pits of hell. If saved; be thankful God kept dealing with your heart until you listened. There are so many things to be thankful for……EVERYTHING!
This is my Thanksgiving post from a few years past: Giving Thanks is always in style.
On this Thanksgiving morning may we give thanks for all of the big blessings and may we remember to give thanks for all of the little blessings also. It is easy to give thanks for the miracles of healing; it is important to give thanks for the safe return home from a trip to see a sick family member or friend. We need to be thankful for the blessing of changing the oil in our vehicles rather than to have to walk everywhere we go. We want to give thanks for paying taxes because we have a job instead of being jobless and sometimes homeless. We want to give thanks for having to choose where we want to eat instead of those foraging in trash cans for a morsel to eat. We want to see the blessing in paying the utility bill; it says we are warm and comfortable, cool and dry when others are outside trying their best to keep from freezing or having a heat stroke or sick from being wet from the rain. We want to give thanks for the decision when we go to our closets to pick out the outfit for the day while others are layering rags to keep warm. We need to remind ourselves when we are choosing our home décor and are picking out colors when others only have an alley or a cardboard box for their homes. When we look at life, let us give thanks for all of the many blessings we receive and give to others who are giving thanks for being alive.

We’ve put together six super easy ways that you can show gratitude on a daily basis. Just remember to be consistent—this works best if you commit to showing your appreciation and gratitude every day, not just when things are going great.

  1. Remember all the small details by keeping a gratitude journal. Start a collection of little grateful moments, and literally watch all the good in your life pile up. (Greater Good)
  2. Next time, skip the email or text and verbalize your thanks to that awesome co-worker. Showing gratitude by verbally acknowledgingsomeone can really make his or her day (and boost your own mood, too!). (Lifehacker)
  3. Clean up after yourself, both in public and in private. If you leave a small trail of milk or sugar on the office’s kitchen counter, wipe it up. This small act of kindness symbolizes that you respect other people’s space and are appreciative of your co-workers’ efforts to keep the communal space clean too. (Random Acts of Kindness Foundation)
  4. Don’t complain for 24 hours. This might seem strange, but it will be scary to realize how quickly you might jump to complaints rather than solutions. Next time, try finding the good in a sticky situation(Unstuck)
  5. This is going to sound old school, but a great way to show gratitude is by writing a thank you card (yes, writing by hand). This physical memento shows that you are truly appreciative of someone giving you his or her time and effort. (Entrepreneur)
  6. Your home is where you go to relax and unwind, so why not give back to your neighborhood? Nothing shows you care more than actually offering a helping hand. Not sure what opportunities are available near you? Volunteer Match has you covered. (Idealist)

Want more? Check out some of our articles on saying “thanks!”

Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by loving all; giving all which is possible to give; and receiving with thankfulness.

King James Bible

1 Thessalonians 5:18

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

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