POETRY IS LOVE IN MOTION. I chose this topic because I receive inspiration. I don’t write the poems to impress or to post them for any commercial purpose. I post because I feel love when I write poems. Are they grammatically correct? I think not but I write from the heart as they come and I feel I would be losing the inspiration if I lose the focus of the message. Judge my poems not; as they are meant to be my thoughts sent with love.

I thought I would post a few of them. Some of the readers may not celebrate Christmas in recognition of Christ’s birth but I do. I hope you enjoy them if you celebrate the Savior’s birth.

As we begin the Christmas Season and knowing the reason for the season, I think of the poem I wrote in 2014 and thought I would post if for everyone to read. Include our Lord’s great love for all of us in our homes, work, neighborhood, and communities. Have a wonderful, blessed holiday season and Merry Christmas to all!



Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear Him cry?
From the manger to the cross, the people let him die.
He made the blind see, and even raised the dead.                                                               But He died so we could live; so why oh why does He Cry?

Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear Him cry?
He loved the children and said Little Ones, Come unto Me.
He offered us eternal salvation only through His name.
He held all sinners in His Heart without any blame
But He died so we could live, Why oh why does He Cry?

Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear him cry?
Why oh why, did I have to die; why do I have to cry?
He looks down from the celestial glory of Heaven’s sky
And has to see so many of His children needlessly die,
Evil is to blame and a tear drops from His loving eye.

I bled for all of you, children are loved by Me most high.
But I died so you could live, so why oh why must I cry?
People, please listen as I am the Only One to set you free.
Stop your evil hate and let the little children safely be.

I died for you to be heavenly. My tears are for thee.
Live for me; I will not cry if you will faithfully worship Me.
Do you hear the Christ child crying, do you hear Him cry?
Why oh why, did He have to die; why does He still cry?

Note from Arline Miller, blog author and writer of this poem. 12/15/2014



The following is one I wrote yesterday:


When the dark falls and night becomes still,
I will be thinking of You.
When the tree lights begin to twinkle,
My faithful heart will glow too.
Christmas is the time destined to fill,
My eternal love for you dear Jesus.
When the gifts are open for all to see
I will remember Your gift to us.
The little ones gather to the window sill, 
I will be praising and thanking too.
From a baby to Our Savior you were true.
Your life was the reason we love You.
Christmas is a blessed season for all
Who believe in honoring You.
You gave Your Life for us to not fall.
May many worship, not only a few.
When Christmas has ended may I be still.
I will be thinking of You.
Guests and family will leave for their homes.
The gift of eternal life can ensue.
Beautiful Christmases will come and go
Never magnificent as your birth.
The star filled sky will never brilliantly glow.
As the glorious night bringing you forth.
Let our hearts be merry and full of love.
May we tell the story that is never ending.
The hope for peace on earth
Was started the night man received You.
                    Written by Arline Miller for Christmas 2017


Here is another poem I happened to write around Christmas time but it is not specifically written about Christmas:


Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

My mind was wondering in another space.

It came to me in a strange, mysterious trace.

Maybe I was wishing for wonders and grace.

What I should wish for was in another place.


What if, and I was left to only suppose.

Instead of many stores on earth who close

We could choose for Hell to be one of those.

No more souls lost and to Heaven they rose.


My mind went further as to how this can be.

Thoughts that repeatedly paced before I could see.

What made those stores close was obviously?

A lack of business, it was from lack of activity.


Well, my friends with Our God’s Heaven’s place,

The bargain sale should be a fast and furious race.

There is nothing for us to pay but a need to pace.

Jesus has taken care of our soul’s redemption face.


If all chose not to frequent Satan’s evil stores.

Why, Hell would have to shut its fiery doors.

And clear all its eternal tormenting floors.

Redeemed souls would be free of Satan’s roars.

As they could fly to Heaven with winged soars.

Written by Arline Miller on 12/18/2016


From my writer’s heart to yours, I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday season with best wishes for good health, love with and for your families, and success in your endeavors. For me and my house, we will celebrate with love and kindness for all mankind. You may pick up a note pad and jot down thoughts that may seem to come out of nowhere, but I assure you they have a lot of meaning.

I wrote this one with my Mother in mind and also for my daughter. It is not related to Christmas, but I think children are our gifts from Heaven.

Why call me Mother?

I have been called many things and you may wonder why

I treasure the name of Mother above all other.

Many have called me a positive go-getter and I sigh

What does a Mother do for her children but lift them high?

Many have called me a hard worker who tries her best.

A Mother works hard for her family and all the rest.

With laundry, meals, schoolwork, and outside chores.

Her objective is to maintain, discipline, and open doors.

Many have called me an inspiration by my creativity.

But you see, it is clear to me and hopefully others can see.

My biggest accomplishment, my biggest star by far

Is when I hear, Hey Mom, it’s me, your daughter!

I love you dear Mom and because of you, I am me.

As a queen who loves to have her recognition.

I am, a Mother who is loved by her precious child.

I am what I am because of God chose me to be

Your Loving Mother created for you in divine revelry.

Written in love for All Mothers who cherish the title of Mother.

……Arline Miller


At Christmas time, you hear me refer to my Mother a lot because Christmas time was such a special time for her. I miss her all year round, but especially around this holy event. For those of you who love to write, why not try to write a poem or prose? A short story is a great way to see if you have the talent to become a writer/author/poet. It is a loving way to express your love for life, family, faith, and friends. I love encouraging others to write.
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