48337140_10215231592362208_9039569164825526272_n Our guest blogger is a dear friend, Donna Childre. You may remember her since I have mentioned her and her husband Greg on the blog before. I have been so enlightened and inspired by Donna’s writings which are touching, personal messages with a highlight of honesty and integrity, not to mention a strong faith and servitude attitude. I like to say Donna is exactly what she portrays, absolute transparency. It is with pleasure and a sincere blessing that I present Donna’s bio and her post. We hope to see her again and please encourage her to find her writing platform.

A Little Bio of Donna Childre:

Psalm 40:1-3 “I waited patiently for the Lord. He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my heart.”

A few days ago I was speaking with a couple of the wiser women of West Green about how I came to be a part of this little community. Until then I had always believed that I grew up in the best little spot in Coffee/Atkinson Counties. Some of the best people I know come from Fales and my childhood was pretty special. But, NO, they wouldn’t have it and assured me that West Green is the Honey Hole of the state.

I’m starting to believe them because you see, when we moved into our little Haven here on Huffer Road, we had an outdoor shed that was pretty much one gigantic hive and even had one in our house. Occasionally, we still have honey dripping down the walls.

I believe this little place we now call home had been being used as a community dump site. It was secluded, rustic, quaint, and had a variety of other people’s trash on the property. I jokingly told Greg that we could buy some goats and call it the Land of Milk and Honey. I saw hope and beauty. There’s not a doubt in my mind that God helped us to find this place and I’m thankful that He used a great friend who is also a realtor to help Him.

Several weeks ago, we were asked if our Huffer Haven could be used as the location for photo shoots for family Christmas pictures. What a difference four years has made in the transformation from Trash to Treasure. It hasn’t even seemed like much work because we’ve considered it such a gift. We are still unwrapping it and occasionally add some “lipstick and rouge” but are quite sheltered here in the Arms of God and the Honey Hole of the state.

EACH DAY IS A GIFT…..By Donna Childre, guest blogger and Devotional Writer

“Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

Each day is a gift, a present just waiting to be unwrapped. Every place we go and everything we do is part of the unwrapping. We get to choose whether we tear into the gift just looking for whatever is in it for us or whether we unwrap carefully, savoring each moment of the unveiling of the day.

God asks us for a lifetime commitment and desires a diligent work ethic from each of us. Just imagine the harvest that could be realized if we went about the business of sharing the peace of God with others. We sow into the lives of others in everything we do. Yes, even our Facebook posts but also the people we meet when we eat in restaurants, shop in stores, visit in hospitals, and a variety of other day to day activities. God uses us, ordinary people, to do His extraordinary work.

All of us who have experienced the peace that passes all understanding have a responsibility to share that gift with others who are far from peace. We have the message and we have the power. It may be a simple word of kindness or even a smile.

I believe in celebrating each and every moment of regular old days. It’s often the little things that mean the most and I look for the joy in the smallest of details. Many of you recognize the significance of some of the most trivial ideas or pictures I post while others shake their heads and wonder. I understand and it’s okay. I am what I am.

“Whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord.” Colossians 3:23

“Whatever you do” is everything you do. Your life is a gift. Unwrap it carefully and show the world the peace that you have. In whatever situation you are in, always do your best as if working for the Lord.

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Note from Arline Miller, blogger and author: As a blogger and author myself, it is normal to encourage writers that exhibit a knack for writing. It takes talent but as much as talent, it requires dedication to regularly blog or even write. May we seek out others and give them a taste of the reward of reading your message that has been published and seen by over 75 countries and translated into their individual language of choice. If I can encourage one writer to step out of their comfort zone and share with the world a message that would not be heard otherwise. Thank you Donna Childre. I wish you the very best written words from your heart to shower the world with love and faith.

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8 thoughts on “OUR GUEST BLOGGER: Donna Childre”

  1. It is amazing what love can do. Donna and Greg’s awe-inspiring polishing of the diamond in the rough they’ve found to call home is like unto something I’ve envisioned for myself. I’ve so enjoyed reuniting with my beautiful loving cousin Donna Childre in recent years. We have grown closer than we ever were growing up and I love her so much. I enjoy our ongoing communications via Facebook and I’m comforted in knowing that she is only a text or phone call away. I’m a huge fan and cheer her on from my little seat in the grandstand.

    1. It is wonderful when family reunite and share warm and loving moments. I agree Donna and Greg have created a masterpiece of natural beauty at Huffer Haven. Thanks for taking the time to tell her how special she is to so man.

  2. Being from a small town you “know everyone” well kinda. I formally met Donna through a Christian womans group named “Wings” whose purposed is to get together, enjoy each other, and finds ways to do God’s work. Very small deeds that may encourage or help others. Donna is a retired teacher so I’m not really surprised she writes well. Her regular post always seem to be uplifting in one way or another. I really enjoyed the blog today and agree with Arline that she should contribute more often. Thanks Arline for giving her encouragement to share her thoughts with us all.

  3. Several weeks ago some of Donna’s fb friends and family were encouraging her to put her thoughts and words into a book. Perhaps this writing experience will encourage her to give that idea some serious thought.
    I had the privilege of teaching next door to Donna for several years at Satilla Elementary. To say there was never a dull moment might be an understatement, but she loved to teach reading and writing to her 5th grade students. Some people just have an innate ability for expressing themselves through the written word…Donna is one of those people. Thanks for the inspirational message Donna. Thank you Arlene for inviting her to publish on your blog.

    1. Ruth, thank you for taking the time to give everyone a view of Donna. If we all stay behind her, we may convince her to make the move. It is exciting to see her spread her writer wings and we all will enjoy the flight.

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