A few days ago, I wrote a blog message about Life’s A Strand of Pearls and one of my writer friends mentioned that she has been thinking about Pearls of Wisdom. She expanded this message but in a slightly different direction. I think you will enjoy her thoughts and asked her to return as a guest blogger today. Here is Donna Childre’s message Finding Pearls in Unlikely Places

Buddy and Shirley Vaughn, parents of Donna Childre. Mrs. Shirley with her beautiful pearls.

Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness. Psalm 29:7

Seek His face; seek His kingdom. After all, He is the Good Shepherd and He knows the way through any wilderness. Life is a highway and it teaches us as we go. The choices we make as to who we follow make all the difference.

I want to be healthier, wealthier (not speaking of material wealth either), and wiser in 2019. It is my desire to allow myself to be filled with more love, peace, and joy. My hope is in the Lord and He is the Leader I choose to follow.

I’ve been thinking a lot about pearls of wisdom thanks to a blog written by Arline Lott Miller. I actually considered writing a piece myself about pearls but my prayers and meditations sent me off on a whole different tangent. As I said to Cuz Dean Hill, I had a brain explosion and still can’t seem to pull in all the fragments to assemble an understandable discourse. I just know I’m getting wiser.

One of the “pearls” I’ve learned along the way came from a mother much younger than I am, a most unlikely place when you’re thinking wisdom. In a roundabout way, it came from her husband. She posted about wanting to go to her baby’s fresh grave. Her husband told her that their baby was not in that pile of dirt. Amanda Amanda Nicole Pittman

I realized that was the way I feel about my Mama and Daddy. They are not in that pile of dirt where their earthly bodies rest. They are dancing in heaven. However, the most important revelation for me was that they are in my blood. Like Jesus, I take them everywhere I go. They are always with me. I never felt Daddy stronger than when I was recently in Nashville listening to the music he loved. I felt right at home. I feel Mama in my kitchen when I fry toast and I see her in the blooms of her African violet that sits on my windowsill. I also smell her when I spritz myself with the fragrance of the perfumes she left. I feel Jesus when I study His Word and thank Him for my blessings.

The key to making a journey that honors God is to collect the pearls. They come from our heritage, they come from the people whose paths cross ours, and they come from studying God’s Word. They are in the most ordinary places if you allow yourself to slow down and look. We must become experts at following Christ’s footsteps. We do that by paying attention and practicing. The journey can be smooth even through the toughest terrain.

God gives us directions and He’s given us a good Leader to follow. Thank God for good directions and turnip greens. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1 Worship Him in His splendor and His majesty! Thank Him for the family He placed you in and the friends He’s allowed you to meet. Praise ye, the Lord! Hallelujah!



Blogger Notes: Thank you Donna for your insightful message. Let us continue looking for pearls wherever we are blessed to find them. I received a note from Donna this morning after she woke and said that she realized that both she and her sister wore pearls to their Mom’s funeral.

Vicki Vaughn Nugent and Donna Vaughn Childre



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  1. Arline and Donna 2 of my special and wise friends. I as usual, enjoyed the blog today. I lost so many so many years ago I’ll try to think again that are with me and in my bloodstream as well. Never ever thought of it that way.
    P. S. Love the pearls …………………………….

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