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One of the greatest rewards of blogging I love is extending an invitation to writers and authors, some of them new to the world of blogging. I have observed as well as read several posts from Dean Hill better known as Deano and felt this was a person I would enjoy hosting his blog post debut. I feel blessed to introduce you to his writing and him to our world of blogging. Please feel free to congratulate him on this wonderful message and wish him the very best birthday. Happy Birthday Dean and  here is his short bio:

James Dean Hill

Born February 1, 1965 in the small south Georgia city of Douglas, Georgia in the southeastern United States. Deano, as he is affectionately referred to among family and friends loves all things of beauty in nature and humanity. He is a music aficionado of many genres. He is a deep thinker and deep feeler who is inclined to soul-searching and self-help. He doesn’t mind shaking the foundations of traditionalism while holding fast to a faith that is nurtured and protected as his most valued possession. As the mid aged sibling with a younger brother and older sister he values his family ties greatly and calls his mother mama and considers her his best friend. Among many of his extended family he engages in fellowship and love. His never-ending quest for joy, peace and love finds strength in numbers and bids all come into harmony with what is.

Deano named his strong-willed Beagle mix “Buck” because fought hard to gain alpha status.

Please join me in welcoming Dean Hill with his blog post entitled:

Discover Long Dormant Dreams by Reversing Negativity

Embracing a habitual lifestyle of positive thinking will set the course of your life to one of balance and harmony with the universe. Harnessing the power of your thoughts is the key that opens the door to this path. Whatever we do routinely within our days and weeks will become habit and hence part of our lifestyle; our thought lives being a part of that.

At a very early age in my life, I decided that certain circumstances of my life were bad. This thinking was relentless and errantly became a part of me. Unknowingly back then I was robbing myself to a large extent and viewing life through a sort of victim mentality. Fortunately for me however, I never gave up faith and hope.

Decades went by before realizing what I had been doing to myself and this awareness became the first step in my recovery from my inclination to negativity. Like a moth drawn to a flame, it was my habit of looking for things that were wrong as opposed to focusing on the positives in my life that kept burning me over and over again. The culprit of my melancholy was finally exposed but I still had a way to go before finding the cure; positivity.

My life’s purposes as well as dreams and aspirations for the remainder of it that had lain dormant for decades undiscovered began coming to the surface having taken off the lens of negativity in my thinking. The power of my thoughts using a positive mindset was now redirecting what would most likely have resulted in loss of faith and hope then followed by despondency and the demise of what could have been. I found my place and purpose in life by harnessing the power of thought.

I would love to encourage you if you are one that lives your life with a mindset that detracts from your ability to find your purpose in this world. One that keeps your passions and dreams hidden and your talents uninvested in the world. Fullness of life and abundant joy is realized through sound thinking.

Break the stinking thinking habit that is contrary to your growth and good progress by developing a habit of positive mindedness. One that will ignite your passions, bring your dreams to the forefront of your perception and lead you to true joy, peace and love. This will also lead you directly into your place of the universe that was created for you to discover when you were created. There are plethora choices out there from positive, life-affirming people that can help you learn to focus on wellness of mind, discover your dreams and establish and reach goals. Start feeding your spirit everyday as much as possible everyday. In as little as two weeks you can vanquish the flame of negativity that burns you and stunts your growth.

Healthy and unhealthy thoughts both hardwire their way into your physical brain and also your psyche and they will make you or break you. You get to choose your mindset so choose thoughts that are well and good. Examine your feelings to grade the state of health of your thinking. Maintain a predominance of negative emotions and your mind/soul connection is not in a healthy state.
Use the tools at your avail to get started immediately. In January of 2016 with the aid of my Sirius XM radio subscription I started the short journey to my new life. Many Christian Pastors are very encouraging and positively minded but there was one with his own channel that I began listening to and that was Joel O’steen. I was already familiar with him and a fan it it paid off in spades. I already spent a lot of time in my truck commuting and running my needed errands so this was the perfect tool for myself.

Television, radio, internet, podcasts, books, library visits and the like are at almost everyone’s disposal in this day and time. Your life and your time here on this planet are incredibly valuable to you and God only knows to how many others. You have richness of treasure within you. If you’ve yet to discover the value that you can bring to the world, I implore you to start today. Invest your time and energy in discovering the gift you are to the world. Yes you are God’s gift to the world. I don’t want to miss out on anything I can discover and learn from you so please do not deprive me of all you are capable of offering, you beautiful child of the most high God you. May we sharpen each other through the diversity of your gifts and callings and may you be richly rewarded by your endeavors.

Note from Arline Miller of Sipping Cups of Inspiration: I hope each of you enjoyed this message from Dean Hill and I extend an invitation to him to be a guest blogger  as our door is open to hear this type of positivity any time.

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14 thoughts on “GUEST BLOGGER – DEAN HILL author of Discover Long Dormant Dreams by Reversing Negativity”

  1. Enjoyed reading Dean Hill’s blog. Well written and very inspirational. Expecting to read more from Dean

  2. Thanks to Dean for tapping into his own positive storehouse and sharing as a means to inspire and encourage others. It’s his BIRTHday in ore than one way.

    I may have a slightly biased perception of him because we share a bloodline but I don’t think anyone can disagree that his writing nor his powerful message deserves anything but praise. Besides calling him family, I also must include the fact that I do know the source of his power and His name is Jesus.

    Praise the Lord! I am thankful God is using Deano!!!

  3. Good thoughts Dean. The heart-mind connection is strong indeed. The world needs more positive people.

  4. That was very inspiring Dean….you are such a special person and I can’t wait for your next blog.

  5. A perfect read for me and especially this week…… I find myself being negative when dealing with health problems especially my beloved husband’s. He is to have a biopsy in the next few days. Now instead of looking for the worse possible outcome I’ll look for the best. I plan to back up and read it all again. I must also say that being able to write and deliver your message in very few words is a gift in itself.

  6. I am greatly gratified to be a channel for God’s Love. It is better than any “high” that the world provides. It truly believe that getting the first man Adam out of the way opens up the line of communication for the second man Christ to speak through us.

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