THE INSPIRATION KEEPS INSPIRING ME is a message as how the blog has continued to grow and so many great things have happened to this novice at writing (I still enjoy the thrill when a new country or a comment is added. The main reason of reposting this older blog message from 2016 which focused on the blog’s growth. Since this post, I moved the platform to wordpress.com and had to experience a new count but I am so pleased with the interaction of the blog on this platform. After the post, you will find my message which will tie in current blogging goals/tips in an effort of encouraging writers who want to know more about blogging. As I said, I feel like a novice but I am writing my third novel, RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS, the third in the Reflections of Love Series. The second book, TELL ME LIES, LOVE ME STILL has been published and has received 5 Star Reviews. This post is not an advertisement but an emphasis on staying the course. I started writing before I began blogging but I have continued both endeavors while working full time.  The focus is to set a goal, no matter what you choose and be consistent.


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I started the blog in November 2012 with no particular plan in mind but to try to write on a regular basis with some humorous, some serious, and some unique looks on life. With close to 800 posts, I can see one of the goals I set coming into reality. I watched the blog obtain the first 10K and felt like I was overly blessed. I couldn’t believe this small town girl could even talk that many people in reading something I had written, but they did. It moved to 25K, and then I thought it would take forever to get to 50K (see how I was getting spoiled by your patronage) and then it seemed to pick up momentum. Wow, I was fascinated how fast it seemed to rise to 75K and I started to think, “Is it possible to reach 100K and can it reach 150K? Really, an unknown writer working on my first book during most of this time to have people in 83 countries take their valuable time, yes your valuable time, to read something I found to be a good topic.

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Tonight as I watch the recent page views start to rise up, I now know we are going to make it to the 150K goal. What it feels like is incredible but this incredible goal is not why I am writing. I realize some people really make a good income blogging and/or writing but this is not how it has been for me.
I want to share the reason I write the blog with all of you celebrating this goal with me. All of my life, even in the darkest hours and yes, there have been plenty of those in my lifetime; I have had the knowledge of a Higher Power. I felt this was the reason I have found positivity a way of life. It makes me happy to smile; to share; to cheer someone to victory; to comfort; and to sometimes give a person a good kick in the rear to stop them from throwing a good pity party. When I felt weak; God gave me strength; when I need chastising God seemed very willing to set me down and teach me a lesson; and when I suffered loss, God taught me what I had.
We are all given talents and some of you who are regular readers have heard me say many times I wanted to write a book even when I was young. It took a while but my book is published and I have to say it seems like a dream even today. I am now writing the second book and getting very close to publishing it.  All in all, I have to say I come back to the blog for a wonderful reason. I celebrate here in my faith not trying to push it down anyone’s throat but maybe somehow, in some way, a heart will feel that urge to find out more about what God’s love can put into a person’s life and the wonderment of life happens. When I have someone send me a message a word or two or the blog post made them laugh or even cry; I smile. For all of you, I say my blog and I am happy to say has produced less than $50 in revenue. The reason I say happy is because the joy and the happiness this blog and all of your reaction and responses are PRICELESS!


I want to add the info on TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL so the books don’t get jealous and know that I love them both and will love the newest and final book in this series.



Now for my deeper thought: I have no magic, I have no super secret to success, I am me with all of my curiosity and love for learning. I love trying new things and not being satisfied with whatever I am doing as an achievement but a step higher in my quest of What Comes Next. I would offer this encouragement. All of us see this world differently, like a prism or kaleidoscope. See the world as your own personal spectrum and fill in the colors with your unique talents. I read others blogs, books, articles, or listen to their speeches and my thoughts don’t become an imitation of theirs but an expansion of how I am affected by their words. I do shut out negativity as there is always going to be Debbie Downers but I prefer Polly Positively.  Do what makes you happy so blog, write, speak, or draw, do crafts, or do civic and community contributions. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST with the most positive direction you can choose to follow.

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A blogger since 2012, a published author of three Five Star romance novels, A MISTRESS, A WIFE and TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL and RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS. Still a small town girl with a lot of experience of people watching. Ten years of blogging experience.


  1. The most beautifully continuity of life is continuous change. Bring on your creative corrections Good Lord of ours. Thanks for sharing from your gifts.

    1. The reference to my gifts is only meant to encourage others to follow your dreams as continuity and growth is vital keys to seeing them become realities with the grace of God. Thanks so much for your input.

      1. And it’s a great reference. I’m as thankful for your gifts as I am for mine.

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