Somehow, we have replaced common sense and logical thinking with absurd ideas which may sound as if the messenger is going to save the world. What disturbs me is even if I think in more conservative thoughts, I understand that not everyone is that traditional. I don’t expect everyone to think as I do or even people that I care a lot about disagree with me. This is not what I am referring to in this blog message. It is the current lean toward nonsensical thinking.

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Let me use this example: I am a middle class hard working lady of a young almost 70 years. My dream thought has always been to have a luxury vehicle so let’s go down to the show room and meet the “salesperson” of the century with a big wide grin. First of all, the salesperson greets me in a social gesture and doesn’t show an aggressive tone but more of an enthusiastic and passionate demeanor. We exchange niceties and of course I go to the luxury vehicle of my dreams (which by the way, I cannot afford). Now begins the sales pitch and I hear all about the features, the luxury feels, the convenience of the options, the beauty, the performance, and the status having this vehicle will bring to me. I begin to get pulled into the positive direction of all the reasons I should have the car of my dreams. I deserve it, I want it, and then……..Reality slaps me in the face. No matter how badly I want to possess this because I have been shown all of the reasons this is MY car and should be MY car, I finally hear the price. Oh no, that cannot be right and I ask “It costs that much?” Then I come back down from my euphoria to earth and start to think sensibly again, what about the insurance, the taxes, the gas cost, etc? Come on down, Arline this doesn’t make sense as this fulfillment would require removing any other pleasures or accommodations to have “MY DREAM CAR.” I begin to realize what makes sense and begin to see that not everything that glitters is NOT gold. I thank the salesperson for giving it a great effort, but maybe it would be wiser to have shown me something that makes sense for me to own and afford that guess what, another affordable nice car would accomplish the same thing. (I have explained some of the current mentality approaches that are being so nicely presented without one shred of consideration as to the cost and loss of other sensible concepts if these ideas were actually implemented.)

Have any of these been occupying your dreams?

I am not an economist or an expert in any field, but because someone has a strong presence and audience does not make what they are saying logical. I want to give an example of how in history we have seen similar individuals who with their promises led the way to many innocent people to die.

  • Free programs for monetary or services without fees from the government to low income people
  • No incentive to work by allowing limited monetary allowances to those individuals
  • Free healthcare or low cost plans without explanation of the control by the government for what quality or amount of care the individual receives. Government also controls the waiting time/decisions relating to a specific health issue.
  • Government controls business, industries, wages, benefits, and promotions and/or demotions. Individual efforts are not recognized but loyalty to government is mandated for promotions.
Did their free “goodies” appeal to normal good intentioned people? Do you know the results? Study history and let’s not repeat it.

Does all of this ring from a sensible bell going off in your head? Millions of otherwise sensible/intelligent people bought and unfortunately paid with this non-sensible temptation with their lives. If it doesn’t, odds are you are listening to the same salesperson as I heard at the dealership and odds are even more in favor, you are thinking without thinking of the consequences and may buy the unaffordable, non-sensible rhetoric. However, we all dream and we have all made non-sensible decisions. We can return to earth and begin to ask “Does 1=1 still = 2?” or do we think 1+1= as many as we think we deserve and need and desire? It doesn’t work ever to go against the basics.

Now for the deeper thought: I understand how we should make changes, good sensible changes.         I think changes, if carefully thought through and proven,  these are affordable and for the betterment of all affected by these same changes are wonderful. Let us use our innate senses and  intelligent minds to make those changes.                

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