GARDEN FENCES vs. BORDER WALLS and how does these two relate? Today on the blog, I want to use a comparison and before anyone wants to say something negative, I wish we lived in a perfect society of harmony where everyone is equal, free to work and excel, and in a place that encourages unity and not division but as I say a lot…..It is what it is! Most of my readers know I like to take a look at something totally not linked and use common sense comparisons to a real life issue. This will be one of those times.

This photo is a Pinterest find. Aren’t they just the cutest?

On a social media post, I saw two of the cutest little bunnies sitting in a head of lettuce. This is when the focus of this blog came into play. Please follow me in thought as it is not a hate blog but one of possibly seeing a larger picture.

As a common ground of centralized thought, most of us have gardens, grown them in the past, visited someone who had a garden, or even engaged in a community garden so it is normally a familiar place to evaluate a widely known need. As cute as these bunny babies are and how they are naturally drawn to the luscious green gardens that have been tended with a lot of hard work and effort. They don’t realize that their actions which are natural to want to partake of the food they love will destroy what the gardeners have worked so hard to produce. In a way, you cannot blame the bunnies, it is natural to want what they crave. They don’t intentionally set out to destroy; they are looking to enjoy.

Here they come, ready or not

Let’s look at the gardener’s reaction. They did all of the work and purchased the seeds or plants. They tilled the land, fertilized if it needed more enrichment. They cut rows to organize and planted the crop to make it the best crop they could grow. They worked when it was hot; they worked when it rained; and they even protected it during any cold snap. Sometimes, they felt so tired they wondered if it was worth the effort. That is until they saw the first bulge in the ground along with the first green sprout. All of the time and effort has started to pay off and the gardener is excited and looking forward to seeing a bumper crop…..that is until along comes Thumper!

It doesn’t matter that it is natural for Thumper and his many friends to want to invade his garden and eat of his food without have applied any effort to this crop. It is just there for the taking since they can hop right over and begin to share in the “free bounty”. Why not? Thumper doesn’t weigh in all of the misery this hopping over causes. Thumper just sees all that is laying in wait for him and others who join in the invasion of the garden.

The gardener wakes up one morning and is witness to the damage this invasion has caused. Free loading rabbits have taken over the garden that was growing so beautifully and could provide many meals for his family. This makes him angry and it doesn’t matter that they don’t think of the devastation and what frustration and loss to the gardener’s future. This is how it works in a garden so the gardener has no choice but to enclose his garden in by means of a fence or a wall or as some people like to say, barrier. Something to stop or slow down the amount of bunnies and other critters seeking the good stuff, the easy to take stuff, and in all fairness what they deem necessary to make their existence better.

The gardener considers getting his gun out and picking those intruders off but it would be more humane since they are only acting out as non thinking individuals and builds the fence or puts up a barrier. The bunnies are confused; why can’t they get to the leafy stuff (I think green dollars come to mind for the comparison)? They try to dig; they try to jump; and a few even make it over the barrier. The gardener can deal with a few but if the garden is overrun, it would be impossible.

It is not meant as cruelty or deprivation; it is preservation.

Bloggers note: When we are discussing the barrier on our Southern border, simply look at the USA citizen as the gardener. We have sown our garden and we may be willing to share with our neighbors, even if they have moved here from other neighborhoods or countries to make the point, but those who “hop or jump over” and cause an overwhelming amount of burden to all of the surrounding gardens and want to take from the hard earned garden without participating in the initial efforts and expense of planting one should not be allowed and maybe we have to have those barriers in place so that they will be directed to the proper path of entering this country or as I like to say the garden of the USA.

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