When we are surrounded by talent, we have a responsibility to encourage and welcome the displays of such beautiful expressions about life and faith which are perfect blends. This morning I am blessed to share my newly discovered friend and writer who I will continue to encourage a possibility of him blogging for all to enjoy. Please sit and enjoy this delightful but thought provoking blog post by Dean Hill, writer and hopefully future blogger.

Please welcome Dean Hill as he returns to Sipping Cups of Inspiration with this harmonizing post:

Dean Hill (photo courtesy of Deano)

“The year was playing out to be the perfect growing season for the mature peach orchard in the temperate climate of middle Georgia’s peach belt. Moderate rain consistently showered upon the land then cleared to beautifully sunny blue skies to warm the rich soil. Accelerated deliveries could now be enjoyed of vital nutrients for the fruit-loaded trees.
One peach, a particularly gifted, luscious and perfectly shaped one just happened to hang in a spot easily accessible and hence a favorite target of a vigorous Peachtree borer moth. Oh how this sweet peach worried that she was being bitten and used for food for the moth and her children.
The peach cried out to God both night and day but the borer moth would not go away. She cried to the other peaches hanging around on the tree but no sympathy for her plight could not be found.
Finally, the day came that her saving grace seemed to be coming around. The kind-hearted farmer, ever so loving of the trees his grandfather had planted and grown. Checking each tree with the patience of a saint. He picked away some of the less fortunate fruits so as to not take away from the tree’s overall health. When the young strong man came near to her limb she called to him prescribing her preferred remedy. She’d heard of a spray that would make the moth’s go away. Elated she was that she was able to express her desires to someone who’d actually care and help.
The young man looked at the peach and smiled, you are a perfect fruit that will be so good in a pie. A pie, she exclaimed, I had hopes of being eaten in the hand of a prince. The master gardener went on to explain of his new found treatment to keep chemicals from being used. You see my sweet peach, this small moth will always come back to the same spot and she will not drain all of your juice. But the very best part is that the scar left where she feeds causes this trees natural defenses to engage. It will create in you the most sweet juice of all the fruit on the tree.
The poor sweet peach had immediately began to cry as soon as she realized her treatment would not be prescribed. The farmer reassured her that everything would be okay and with his soft smile he carassed her and was on his way.
Later that night, when the moth came to feed she found the crying peach but her tears were no longer of greed.
The sweet peach, having had time to remember how things are worked together for the good of the plan divine. She welcomed the moth and even asked about her family and children, making their time together a joyous meeting of one another’s needs.
Scars often sweeten the rest of our existence when we truly embrace God’s omnipotence.”

Photos courtesy of Dean Hill

Note from Arline Miller of Sipping Cups of Inspiration: Thanks Dean for this warm and inspirational post. To my readers of my blog: Please remember to comment on his blog post to ignite the fire in his blogger’s heart. We would love to see a future Deano blog soon.

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  1. I love how inspiration comes streaming in to your soul from the source of all life and energy. Feels great to let it flow.

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