DO YOU SMELL A SKUNK? With so many things going on in our country, politically and many back door deals which can and will affect our way of life, I have been watching and taking notes. With this said, I have always had a way of applying my observations as simple things that occur in life. Folks, I smell a skunk…….cute as a skunk is in nature……they stink and are not afraid to use their potent weapon on those who try to harm them.

My inspiration for today’s blog….my post of my Facebook page.

skunk’s only defense is a certain noxious odor created by a sulfuric acid “fired” from the anal glands. But skunks have a limited supply of ammunition. They don’t waste their defensive spray because they can’t “re-load” very quickly, so they don’t waste their defensive spray. (excerpt from Google search)

As I see it, in life we are going to encounter the human version of the skunk (metaphorically speaking) and a lot of them are cute, adorable in looks and sometimes mannerisms too, and have a charming demeanor. They walk quietly and slowly entering our lives without giving us any warning about that deadly spray. They can allow us to pet them, feed them, and all the while we are beginning to trust and love them. They seem HARMLESS! But remember my quote. If it looks and smells like a skunk, it usually is a skunk and just when you think it will not harm you, if they feel threatened, they will make you regret you ever touched them.

Now for my deeper thought…..I am not picking on the skunk. I am warning about the people who come into our lives for all the wrong reasons. Maybe it is during a vulnerable time, maybe it is after another person who has hurt us, or maybe we are not at our strongest and our instincts or observation ability has been diminished by whatever life has handed us to deal with but for whatever reason, ALL of us can be fooled by the cuteness but at some point in our lives, we have to acknowledge that even if it is cuteness overload, watch for the signs that all “skunks” show. We have the former experiences to draw from, the similarities that have been exhibited by those who have hurt us before or even someone we love. Usually the scent is the same among skunks so watch out for that Uh Oh smell!

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