This morning, early I checked social media after I had my devotional and something occurred to me. I am not going to make this a religious post but more of a daily living observation. I hope it relates in a meaningful way and not a beat down post. I am preaching to the choir as I have found myself so tempted so many times to jump on a post and reply. Actually, I have typed a reply fast only to think about it for a few seconds and erase it. Once erased, I felt better that I had used good judgment in not posting a reply. Thus this message:

In the current state of discord on so many levels, is it wise to always put “our two cents worth” into a conversation? I thought of some questions to ask ourselves before replying or at least before hitting the post button.

  1. Will my reply create a good conversation on this subject?
  2. Is my reply a healthy response?
  3. Will my reply add to the conversation or will it create negativity?
  4. Am I considering the rights of the other people posting?
  5. Will my response make me feel good or is it meant to offend others?
  6. Am I responding in anger or am I adding to the conversation?
  7. Have I given proper thought to this subject and researched prior to adding my comments?
  8. Does my reply or response exude wisdom with creditability?
  9. Will I expand my knowledge from the ideas from others?
  10. Do I respond to have the last word or can I accept others feel differently?

I feel all of us have voices and sometimes I have learned the most from unlikely sources. This being said, I have a feeling we have too many unwelcome voices who only speak in bullying terms. Because I don’t agree with some thoughts and philosophies, I am never going to push my thoughts and/or beliefs on others. We have been given intelligence to make decisions on what is acceptable to us in our personal lives. I am a firm believer if I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes, I have no way of knowing how your feet feel.

We were made unique with each one of us able to think for ourselves. If we all set out in the woods with no trail markers, it is highly likely that we will choose different paths. Some may be easier, some more difficult, some will get us to the other side of the woods faster, but eventually almost all of those who took their own path will arrive on the other side. Here is a deep thought: Do we go back and hunt for those who got lost and maybe didn’t make a good choice or do we stand and comment on how dumb they are or how they couldn’t find their way if signs were on each tree? This is the point and focus of this blog post…….Your reply or response to this question may be a hint of how or if you have a need to put your “two cents worth” into conversations. I am not going to answer for you but it is worth thinking about as it may determine a lot about our character.

As a blogger and inspirational writer, I would like to say I would want to help find the ones who struggle with finding their true path. Too many criticize each and every move if they are not controlling those moves. It is a last thought: I love to cook and bake and usually we have a recipe to guide us. In faith, we have our written word and guidance from those who devote their lives to spread the gospel. In schools, we have teachers who have studied subjects and have a good grasp on the content. What I find a good addition to all of the qualified material and reference sources is if I use my mind, assemble all pertinent information, list out the pros and cons before I come to a conclusion. Call me a critical thinker with a lot of creativity thrown in for good measure………Until We Reply Again……Arline Miller

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A blogger since 2012, a published author of three Five Star romance novels, A MISTRESS, A WIFE and TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL and RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS. Still a small town girl with a lot of experience of people watching. Ten years of blogging experience.

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  1. Excellent excellent excellent!! Very well thought out and important. Countless paths all leading to the same place. We are all in this together.

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