This year on Father’s Day 2019, I revisit with some additions, a post I wrote about my Daddy’s goats. I thought I would add another poem I wrote recently about Daddy. I realize these are personal reflections of my time with him but the bigger picture is most of my readers could write this topic’s blogs as we have memories of our parents and they are steeped in love. On this special day, pause and remember those times with your Dad.

Here is the original post:

A LOOK BACK TO DADDY’S GOATS is a tribute from Daddy’s girl (me) to my Dad Arlie Lott. You can see who I was named after and miss this man who shared so much of my childhood with hunting and fishing. We rode the country side together and if he had his head under the hood of his 1949 truck, my head was under there too. I treasure those times and I found this post from several years ago. I hope you enjoy the humor in it because that was something my Dad and I shared too. Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers this Sunday.


Here is the post featuring my attempt at writing a song (you can see I was smart enough to stick with blogging. A little update, I finished the second book and started on the third book.


TODAY THE WORDS are DADDY’S GOATS.  Usually,from the stories I post which encompass the animals, I get a lot of response. This one may give you a little laugh or smile. Many of you will know who I am talking about when I mention Peggy Mercer, a classmate of mine, author of several children’s books and songwriter  encouraged me to try my hand at song writing. I assured her she might want me to stick to writing on the blog and on the book, but many of you know how persistent Peggy is so here is the first verse and chorus of my “song”  DADDY’S GOATS. The beauty of the story is such a good one for all of us to learn from the goats. They knew how to keep life simple. They had goals and if something happened to upset their completion of those goals (climbing up and going down) they got up and tried again. I miss my Daddy since he died and I miss those special times when we would go out and visit with his animals and what I would give to go fishing with him one more time. When this song writing fiasco happened years ago, I emailed my song to Peggy and once she stops laughing at my amateur attempts at song writing; she will probably tell me to get up and try again LOL.  (Side note: As of July 2015, I have received no offers for song writing contracts so I leave all of that to my friends, especially Michael Rey – Country Songwriter; Lily Nelson; and Peggy Mercer but on a good note, I have published my first novel, “A Mistress, A Wife” and now writing my second one, “Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still”.)

The moral of this story is we may not be good at everything, but it never hurts to try. We may have to try several times to get it right, but we need to keep trying. God allows us, by forgiveness, to try and try again to get our lives and souls right. I hope you smile when you read Daddy’s goats. Live life; love life and live life to the fullest!


Verse 1

My mind goes back to a better time

When life was simple and people were kind

I would  visit on My Dad’s country place.

The farm; my Dad; and his goats in a line,

Laughing and loving, all the love we could find.


Love was simple way back then

Nobody was mad; everybody was glad

Dad loved his goats and he loved us.

They loved him back like the rest of us.

He was simple in love; he was simple in life.

If life could be free as Daddy with his goats.

Here is the latest poem I wrote about Remembering When:


I remember those times as if they happened yesterday.

I can recall the special times with you in a special way.

A lot of people have referred to me I was Daddy’s girl.

It seemed to me you polished me like a shiny pearl.

Maybe others have memories of going on exotic trips.

I remember the winding roads through mountain dips.

It wasn’t always fun and sometimes even was scary.

Yes, we sat still and quiet while the trip was wary.

Our times of your spoiling may be been frugal.

Bat Masterson’s show brought ice cream for the ritual.

We laughed, joked, and shared some family time.

Our dog Dooley brought his bowl for a treat divine.

Daddy, I remember the fishing, hunting, and visiting

To the country we would go together smiling.

You taught me to always have a daring soul.

With love, discipline, and charity, you played a role.

Daddy, I remember your laughter and your smile.

I never forget the many times we share and each mile.

I remember the pride you always showed to me.

You were my father then and you always will be.

Happy Father’s Day to Our Dad, Arlie Lott

Written by “The Baby” Arline Miller 2019


Galatians 6:9
And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. 

(c) copyright 2012-2019 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission. Third party material, if source is known, is credited to original location for credit references.

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