I decided to re-post this message that I wrote on Fourth of July one year. Looking at a lot of my husband’s photos, it seemed appropriate to visit the fireworks of life.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY for all Americans! I woke up this morning thinking about how much money is spent on America’s Independence Day and all countries have holidays which have a big fireworks display for their finale. I have always loved fireworks and the colors in the sky, the anticipated explosion of spectacle along with the unexpected booms. However, this morning it seemed to hit me we are missing out on a year round display of fireworks provided by God and Nature (His assistant). There are not admittance fees to attend. It doesn’t have a start and end time clock as Nature is on the colorful display 24/7. We have to keep our eyes open and look for the free shows which are available.

Wanda Hutto Medders shared this magnificent shot. 

Today I will give you an example for what to look for when craving some excitement and creative displays of lights and colors provided for your pleasure and delight. After the pictures, I want to share with you a life lesson if you want to keep reading. Sit back and enjoy the show, given to you by nature and some regular folks who know what I am about to show. You don’t have to wait for holidays as these shows are right out your back door.

I have collected some photos that are mostly shot by amateurs but wow, what a display of colorful displays of delight and amazement. What a Natural Fireworks Show brought to you by Our Higher Power, the best artist ever!

Missy Smith Haas my daughter is mesmerized by the amazing sunsets at her Dad’s home in Georgia

My message for celebrating this holiday and life: When we are blessed to have been awakened, start admiring the natural fireworks of life. Do not wait until someone has assembled a 30 minute to one hour of drama, excitement, and colorful show. There is an ongoing life fireworks show all around us. God gave us the ticket to not only view this magnificent show, God encourages us to view it and live it. It costs nothing but opening our eyes to Earth’s natural beauty and believe me, man has tried but has never managed to outdo The Masterpiece of Life itself.

Today, and everyday, wake up and look around.

What are the colors you see? Thank God as you have sight.

What are the sounds you hear? Thank God as you have your hearing.

What textures can you feel when you touch something? Thank God as you have feeling in your body.

What taste does your food and drink have? Thank God as you have your taste to appreciate the good taste and to know when something isn’t good.

What do you smell? Good or bad smells means another reason to Thank God as we love to smell the flowers but are given the bad smells to know when to take out the trash.


LIVE LIFE; LOVE LIFE; AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by honoring God’s gifts to us in the most magnificent, colorful, delightful ways and they are not to be wasted but appreciated.

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