My husband suggested a trip to Helen Georgia, a great mountain escape for both the Fourth of July and my 70th birthday celebration. I laughed at the idea of climbing and walking a lot as the perfect way to realize life can pass you by if you don’t give it a robust fight so off we went. This week, I will be writing a series of posts to recount our visit to Helen.

I wanted to share my husband’s firework photos as I love to see him in action. Years ago, one of his gifts was a new camera. I found if I support his hobby, he will give it more time and then it is a double win as I have the pleasure of enjoying his gifts of love….his photos and smile when I tell him how good they are.

I had such a great time sharing time with my wonderful husband who made our trip priceless with the aid of his camera and all his spoiling of me and our furbabies. Thank you Greg Miller with my love!
I hope you had a great time watching fireworks this holiday. Thank you Greg for our collection of our time in Helen.

My thought for this topic: Most of us grew up loving the thrill of fireworks and they do something exciting for our hearts and spirit. I thought if we choose to keep fireworks for the love of life in our hearts, it will explode to the world. If we can do gifts of kindness and even those explosive gifts of love when they aren’t expected, what a thrill to the recipients.

Be on the lookout for this week’s blog posts as we pay tribute to restaurants, places, and historical sites. We had a thrilling boost of life, relaxed in the mountain air, and gave thanks for all of the beauty surrounding us while we found fireworks in the sky and in our hearts………Arline Miller

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