Mully’s Nacoochee Grill

As I promised, I would post some of our eating and adventures during our Fourth of July vacation in Helen Ga. I thought I would start with Mully’s Nacoochee Grill for several reasons. This visit was the most pleasant in a lot of ways. We had great meals at other places and I will cover them in another post but this was the ultimate dining experience we enjoyed.

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday lunch. The touch of wood smoking on the grill tickles the nostrils upon arriving.

We arrived at the restaurant at lunch time after our regular visit to the Nora Mill Granary to pick up some stone ground grits, fish fry seasoning, jams, apple butter and other items. The added treat is to walk outside and see the water which powers the grist mill with nature at home with the water. I am including some pictures Greg took while I shopped. This place offers samples for those visitors who may never have eaten grits. This southern gal offered a lesson in cooking slow cooked grits to a couple who had no clue but appreciated the lesson. Here are the pictures from Nora Mill and then I will tell you our delightful visit to Mully’s.

Watching the grist mill in action. A history lesson is offered to anyone wanting to know how it works.
Amazing to know this water powers the milling wheels.
Nature’s power in action
Ducks fluttered in the water and felt relaxed. I understand there are fish available at nature’s table for the ducks.
An up close at the grinding wheel.

I wanted to show our trip to the granary as we worked up an appetite and Mully’s was close by and we hadn’t eaten there. From the time we opened the door, we were welcomed by a young man who seated us as well as a shout out by the owner, Mully. Greg “Mully” Ash is a personality within himself. He came over to our table and welcomed us. I felt special and so did everyone who came in the restaurant. He made a point out of greeting and making each guest feel they were a celebrity. I understand from conversation he was formerly the mayor of Helen but I was impressed with his current status of being the warmest host we have met.

From the front door entrance to leaving, southern hospitality at its finest, Mully’s is a great place to go.
Mully meeting while seating diners with a wit and welcoming touch while telling them they would have a real server, he was just the owner.
Sean was our server and top notch in every way. I kidded him that I write a blog and he asked what I would say. I told him Five Stars and I got a thumbs up. Food is only as good as the service and I will say, Service and Food were exceptional.
When ribs fall off without help but have maintained the taste of smoked perfection, you have a winner along with delicious coleslaw and sweet potato chipes.
Greg’s ribeye and steak fries were cooked perfectly. Look at those grill marks. It was a perfect medium rare and great smoked taste.
No words needed as the proof is in the New York Cheesecake or lack of it after we shared its luscious flavor enhanced with a cherry sauce and whipped cream topping. I told Sean this got a Six Star and I was serious.

If you are in Helen, Ga. place a spot on your calendar to stop by Nora Mill Granary and find your way to Mully’s Nacoochee Grill. Neither place will disappoint you.

Here is the website to Mully’s to find out more info:


I hope you enjoyed our little insight to some great places and the good news is there are more places to visit, relax, and enjoy your time in the wonderful town of Helen, GA.

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