How do you perceive blessings? Are they gifts from above? A reward for faithfulness? Or if you don’t receive a blessing from a prayer request, do you see the lack of a blessing as some form of punishment?

Let’s dive in and have a good thought provoking moment with this idea?

I thought I would not try to think for anyone as we all have minds to ponder and to feel and think for ourselves. These questions will get the mental juices flowing and perhaps more understanding of how you perceive blessings:

  • When you receive a blessing, do you stop and thank God for it?
  • When you pray and you don’t get an immediate answer, do you feel you are not loved by God?
  • When you see another receiving a blessing, do you get excited or feel a pang of jealousy?
  • When you wake up to another day, do you consider yourself blessed or is it just another day?
  • When you are sitting quietly and are practicing “Be Still and Know that I am God,” do you realize that every blessing comes from God?
  • When you have gone through a difficult time or loss, do you realize you have received the blessing of survivorship or do you feel non blessed because you had to go through this time?
  • When you receive a blessing after waiting for a while, do you see it as a true blessing or feel slighted because it took longer than you thought it should take?

Note from a person, me, who does feel blessed both in the good times and the difficult times. I feel each blessing, large or small, immediate or long awaited, reward or survivorship, more or less, and for each one I feel God’s love. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by having the wisdom to have a personal relationship with God. We need God for the good times and blessings and we need Him more when times get tough to get us through. Arline L Miller, blogger and author.

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