A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine Wanda Medders posted a facebook quote which is below. This created a conversation between us and I replied except in Heaven. This inspired today’s post and as usual, I find life lessons by comparing our day to day activities. I hope you enjoy this post, I thank Wanda for being the inspiration, and for God giving me another reason to share reasons for us to strive to be our best.

This is the facebook quote Wanda posted and which started the conversation for this blog.

One morning, slightly different from the others, I stood on the front porch. I had prepped the food for the family gathering and was feeling excitement for people to start arriving. The clouds were the fluffiest of white, billowing with slight movement which was mesmerizing. The sun was beginning to peek out behind the horizon and its rays became more dominant. I realized how much preparation it had taken to have this great reunion. I had washed the vegetables to make sure they were clean from all outside germs and residue. I had gathered all of the essential ingredients and placed them with the other ingredients which would be mixed, creamed, chopped, whipped, and stirred to make the perfect dishes. Seasonings had been gathered to enhance the flavors of the natural foods.

Food is the nourishment we have at family gatherings and the desserts aside from those made are the fun and love shared by all.

I took a few seconds to look down the street to see if my guests were arriving and I thought, How silly, it is too early for them to come. They have their prep work too. They had to bathe, dress, pack some essentials, make sure their home would be secure during their absence, load the car, and start their journey to come to the gathering.

I went back inside and knew that I would not have to wait long but I would keep busy while I waited. It was a joy to be the one to see their reaction to all of the wonderful feast and setting made especially with love for them. All of the favorites of each one would be there. They would visit with each other with lots of hugs and affection and laughter. Yes, there would be laughter and joy. As they ate from the bountiful feast, they would feel so much peace and comfort and this thought kept me busy. However, ever so often, I would go to the door and look both ways to see if I could get a glimpse of the company I had waited for and I could feel the anticipation building.

After a while, I looked and saw vehicles coming down the street. My heart started pounding with excitement. I hadn’t seen some of them in quite a while. As each car door opened, I smiled and felt an inner glow. They had arrived. The joy was overwhelming and then I stopped in my tracks. Where was Jane? I didn’t see Jane. I looked and looked through all of the ones who came and I didn’t see Jane. I asked where is Jane? No one seemed to know where Jane was or why she wasn’t there. I had called Jane and I told her she was expected at this gathering. She didn’t give me any reason why she wouldn’t come. I was so confused and even though the gathering was such a happy event, there was something missing…….Jane.

Blogger’s Note: I wrote this message in a way a lot of you can relate. What I would like for your mind to envision is this is our loved one in Heaven who is waiting for that moment she or he can see us arriving in Heaven and the joy attached to the family gathering for eternity. We make the same decision whether to attend or to not go. Our loved ones want us to be sitting at the Master’s table so when the invitation comes and it will, please RSVP you will be there and ready to dance on the clouds.

Family gatherings have been going on since the beginning of time and will continue for eternity. The location might change but the love one obtains is endless.

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