On my blog, I try to not promote my books since most of my readers are looking for inspirational or life lessons, but this thought came to me because I am closing in on the ending of my third and final book in a series Reflections of Love. Again, this is not to isolate this blog message into a self promotion, but I have learned a life lesson writing this last book and I thought I would share it with you. You may find this applicable to many other projects or efforts.

As a teenager, I made a typical statement without giving it much thought and only because I loved to read. When I would read a book, I wasn’t thinking of criticism but admiration. I felt if I could write a book, then it would be a mountain high accomplishment. I said to anyone who would listen “Someday I will write a book.” I left it at that point without giving it more thought. I didn’t choose a genre either.

As I went through life, gaining a lot of life experience by working, marrying and having a child, visiting foreign countries, obtaining management jobs, and all the while never giving writing a second thought other than a few special poems for my Mother. I have heard the expression “It hit me like a bolt out of the blue” but my experience was more like a light itch that wouldn’t go away. Then it happened. After two divorces and a commitment to never marry again, I found myself writing in longhand to begin with, a suspenseful romance novel with a lot of twists. Call it having a lot of time on my hands. I allowed several people to read what I had written and some encouraged me. Others found my look at realism of life was a little strong for the weak stomach. I found myself putting it away but kept the pages.

Preview of third novel in Reflections of Love Series and will soon be completed for publishing.

Years later, with a change in my relationship status to happily married, I came across the pages. I thought to myself, “You said you would write a book one day and that day is here.” I found it easy to find excuses to have absences from disciplined writing sessions but somehow that book would keep me scratching that writer’s itch and one day I said to myself, “You are either going to finish that book or throw it away.” My choice was to write it and “A Mistress, A Wife” was born. Not to boast, but I was proud to get the first review of 5 Stars and then more came.

I don’t know if I planned consciously for a sequel but my readers wanted more and the next book came “Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still” came easier or I made the appropriate measures to fit in therapy for my writer’s itch. I loved writing this one as I had learned from the first novel so even the editing was smoother. Okay, now is the reason for this post…….Both books were 5 Star with only one 3.5 Star Reviews. I realized a third and final book to complete the story was necessary. I had been a good student of expression and found I have a passion for twists and turns and giving the reader a reason to try to figure out what happens next. This was the hook. I found myself writing “Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss?”

My first book signing event with some of the attendees, my friends. A Moment in Time for me.

When I ask the title question of this blog, IS THE THIRD TIME A CHARM?It definitely is a charm for my third marriage as I am blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband. I am asking myself that question about writing. This book has given me a pause for the cause and I have asked myself more life enhancing questions as to what is the drive behind the writing. I have written a lot of poetry, one failed attempt at songwriting, have blogged for 7 years, gave more advice only from making so many mistakes I felt like an expert, and now finishing this book. What makes me write?

See if you can relate……The Deeper Thought: I love to share feelings, good and intense feelings. Whether it is any of my writing outlets, I have a lot of spirit in me and I think most of us do. We express it in different outlets. Some sing; some write; some paint; some orate; some network. All in all, we love to communicate some of our spirit to others. Maybe that is why a butterfly flits and flutters around us as that may be their form of communication with humans and animals. Maybe a cloud changes shapes to get our attention. Maybe a flower blooms and then dissipates to cause emotion of missing them when they are gone. The third time or any time we pause and consider we need each other in some form, it is a charm.

I have fun creating the covers almost as much as writing. The third book will have a mirror embedded into the question mark. Have fun with your dream!

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