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This is a post I wrote in 2014 but with all of the attention to the hurricane Dorian devastating the Bahamas with its deadly force and destruction, I remembered my fears about incoming waves. Let us pray for those who have suffered from this hurricane and may God’s mercy follow the people in harm’s way along the coast of the United States.

TODAY THE WORDS are INCOMING WAVES. I found it a little strange that ocean waves entered my mind, especially with the change of weather to the fall season with cooler temperatures. This can be a great time to visit the ocean without a large audience, but it can also be very cool with the ocean winds and the cooler temperatures. My mind went to a time as a child being at the ocean and my experiences with the waves and it takes me to the topic today.   My family lived in a small town of Douglas, GA for most of my life with the exception of about 4 years in Chicago. I am not sure how many of you will know how land locked Douglas is; but it is about 2 hours from any beach so visiting the ocean/beach was not on our regular agenda. However, I remember the visits to Jacksonville Florida, where we visited my Mother’s sister and husband. In those days, very few hotel or motel stays were budgeted so we stayed with family. My aunt and uncle were great hosts and we loved our time spent with them and our cousins. We had fun at the beach but I do have a memory which could have spoiled the trip.  

I have never been a water bug; never have I felt comfortable in water, lakes, ponds, and especially the ocean. The waves, and the rushing of the sand shifting under my feet made me more uncomfortable. I felt I was losing my balance: I felt I was going to fall and be swept out to sea; and I felt scared of what might be under the water waiting to have me for lunch. Oh, I know as an adult, these fears were childish but nevertheless; they were very real when I was little. When I would be turned toward the shore and a big, unexpected wave would almost knock me down; I felt a slight fear of terror. Some of you who are reading this are probably thinking how foolish my fears were or maybe not.  

Now for the deeper thought…….as the ocean is deep, so are some of our fears; they are deeply implanted in our minds. As a child, I felt fear and it felt very real; but with time those fears have somewhat diminished into childhood memories. While maturing in life, I found it very therapeutic to face my fears. I found out that fears experienced early in life can be eliminated by realizing how, with time, the waves don’t knock me down  and even if they do; I can stand back up and enjoy the water’s beauty and I listen to the beautiful melody and tranquil song the waves make as they splash against the rocks or beach. Life has changed and our thoughts and even fears change with lives. Live life; love life; and live life to the fullest by casting your fears aside and hear the music God created for us to enjoy.


Psalm 107:23-25 ESV

Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the great waters; they saw the deeds of the Lord, his wondrous works in the deep. For he commanded and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea. 

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