When Life Happens, Let It!

Monday Morning Thought: Clear out any feelings that are not positive, to begin with a clear head to move through this week. Failures, emotional hurt, financial missteps, lost loves, the stress of any kind is to be released. Go forward in faith, this week will be positive progress filled time and expect blessings. If you are reading this, like me, God has blessed us to be here to share those blessings in life. We live as we love; give as much as you expect to receive or better yet, give more. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by FULLY GIVING OF YOURSELF.
Note: I love this picture from last year and this year I am happily getting ready for the upcoming book publishing, so I am relying on the fantastic memories of this past trip, looking forward to the next one, while savoring the anticipation of Riddle Me This, Love or Bliss?

I hope all of my blog readers are patiently waiting for my life to give enough room for me to blog more. I am in the pre-publish sector and am quite happily busy getting everything ordered and finished for the book publish and release in early November. I am not complaining at all and this is the part we writers look forward. The next part is to hear and see the reviews. It is not for ego alone, but for the fulfillment for why we write to begin, Our readers’ reactions. To hear excitement and joy from how they react to reading our books and story lines, is the epitome of our writing purpose. I can love my story line, I can rely on my editor’s reaction, but trust me, it comes to full rendition when I hear the first reader’s reviews.

Please know that I will be blogging in full gear once the book is out. I heard from my editor who is making the final touches “I love the way you have brought your characters back to where it all began, making the story come full circle. Your readers will love this touch.”

Part of my pleasure is the designing of the book covers and this one makes me so happy. It reflects the spirit of the final book in my series Reflections of Love. I compose the concept, provide the components and images and work with amazing graphic designers to make the magic happen.
No book is more special than my first published novel. A Mistress, A Wife is startling to say the least, but my readers will be happy when the characters come full circle in the series.
In Tell Me Lies; Love Me Still is Destaina’s story which her mystery is heightened in the first novel and it continues the saga of people who live the first part of their lives with a cloud of lies and mystery over their heads. Again, the designing of the cover is part of the fun.

Have a great day of living your dreams and if you haven’t started, please know that I am living proof it is never too late. That is, unless you don’t start. Everyone has a book in them; it is whether you write it or live the movie…….Until We Read Again……..Arline Miller, author and blogger.

My first two books are available on Amazon and the third one coming soon. Check them out if you love mystery, suspense, and unexpected turns in plots.

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