Today, I had a thought of how we see so many scary movies advertised and even a lot of decorations for the upcoming Halloween. We find ourselves visiting our childhood fears of being alone and scared. The hairs on our arms and neck find themselves remembering all of the ghost tales and we don’t want to be alone……but is being alone so bad?

Lately, I have been observing quite a few social media posts of different people referring to those who “live apparently fake lives on Facebook”. I have given their thoughts some thought myself. I came up with two scenarios about this issue and want to give us some thought provoking ideas. Personally, I post when it hits me to post. I may get on a liking kick and like almost everything I see. Other times, I am just too busy to take the time. It isn’t that big of a deal. My friends know me and whether or not, I like or don’t like a post only means I am busy with other things. In a nutshell, I don’t worry about what they think. They love me.

Here is a list of questions for all of us, those who post every good thing that happens in our lives but do not discuss the difficult issues:

  • Do you feel a need to only share the good times because you don’t want to bother others?
  • Do you post only the items which will reflect a happy, successful life or do you do it because you are truly happy?
  • Do you post to impress or are is your only goal to share a happy time?
  • Do you give consideration of what others will think of your post or not any thought at all when posting?
  • Do you look to see how many people “like or love” your photos or posts?
  • Do you hesitate to share the ugly times, losses, illnesses, and other nasty events or do you have a need to put it all out there for sympathy or at least empathy?

Sometimes, my posts as well as my blogs, are meant for me and anyone else who can benefit from lessons and mistakes I have made. I don’t personalize them to any particular person and as a dear friend who has been posting her self healing posts from a difficult experience, she posts for herself. I encourage those who are being honest about life, the trying times, and even failures to reach out. It is from all of our encounters, good and bad, which might be the very fire starter to spark a desire to begin again, try one more time, seek help, and/or learn from others mistakes and not feeling all alone.

This being said, here is my final thought on this subject, It is not a tragedy to be ALONE. As much as I love people, I do not like to always be surrounded by people. I love my alone time which I spend in a leisurely pace of thoughts. It is time like these, I am more creative and innovated by an inner self which may be uplifted by spiritual powers. Do not be afraid to be alone with yourself. Learn yourself, push yourself, encourage yourself, and accept yourself by being comfortable alone with yourself. LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST by not worrying if others are living a perfect life or faking it. Concentrate on your own life. Ask yourself, “Am I living my life for me or what others may or may not agree?”


  • Learn about yourself: likes, dislikes, hobbies, talents.
  • Push yourself: what motivates you, discourages, or limits you.
  • Encourage yourself: Pat yourself on the back when you do well, find outlets for improving your talents.
  • Accept yourself: finding an inner peace as each of us have a uniqueness.

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